The presence of a prowler raises concern in the Brompton area

1176454The citizens of the Borough of Brompton and the Police Service of Sherbrooke remain on the alert following a complaint relating to an alleged stalker.

The SPS was informed that a suspicious vehicle had been seen to move at low speed before primary school Academy of the Sacred Heart to 15.30 last Friday afternoon and evening around 19h near a CPE in the sector streets of SMEs and Oliva-Turgeon.

“We do not know why the vehicle has slowed. These are two special coincidences in the same evening, “said the spokesman of the Police Service of Sherbrooke, Philippe Dubois.

SPS request to pay attention to a black Dodge Charger RT vehicle with white stripes visible on the hood.

The suspect is described as a white man of about forty years.

A call for vigilance has been launched on the page of a group of citizens of the Borough of Brompton.

Below is a woman of about 45 years measuring about five feet, three inches and weighing about 150 pounds. This description of a woman described as having “a strange look, moves slowly and observe” also talks about the presence of a beige dog.

“We launched the description of the suspect to all our officers. It happens on occasion that we have such reports. There is a distinction between perceptions and risks in such situations. However, we take no chance when it comes to child safety, “said the spokesman for the SPS.

Any information on that possible prowler can be transmitted to the SPS Investigations Division at 819-821-5544.

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