Press in Vermont: Donald Trump heckled

vermontois-presentes-pour-trois-raisons(BURLINGTON, Vermont) Buoyed by polls that put it ahead of the race for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump yesterday visited a state where his rivals did not dare to venture. In Vermont, the businessman was to inflammatory resolutely awaited by thousands of fans … and detractors.

They competed originality to give hard time to the aspiring president. The press was there. Story in pictures of a hectic day in the usually quiet town of Burlington.

From 4 h 30 yesterday morning, Donald Trump’s admirers have queued in the center of Burlington to hear about the multibillion with big ambitions, whose appearance was scheduled for 19 pm. Martin Deslauriers, who holds dual Canadian and US citizenship, was among the first to line up with his friends. “Trump has a good chance of becoming president of the United States. I like it because it is direct and it is nobody’s puppet, “says the young man of 24, who made the trip to Plattsburgh.

Long wait

Although Flynn Center in Burlington contains only 1400 seats, the Trump camp has distributed 20,000 free tickets online for the event. Expecting the worst, Burlington Police issued a press release announcing that all who would stand after all the theater seats were occupied would be sent home. Result: those who wanted to see Donald Trump showed up early and waited long to see the candidate for the Republican nomination. The queue stretched for several hundred meters.

Montrealers have traveled to Burlington to see the darling of the US media. This is the case of this supporter of Canadian. In the queue, La Presse also met Patrick and Jonathan Kabrita Larue. “We did not show as Trump with us,” said Patrick Kabrita. Although he said several ideas like Donald Trump, Jonathan Larue believes that some of its positions are not realistic. “Trump knows he can not close the borders to Muslims. It is a populist idea, “believes Quebecers.

The dark side of the force

Vermonters have presented three reasons for yesterday’s rally Donald Trump: support the candidate denounce it or enjoy the spectacle. And this show was as much in the street and on the stage of the center Flynn. This Trump impersonator was caught pictures with passersby. A Darth Vader joker claimed that the dark side of the Force is on the side of the politician.

“You are a carrier of hatred, Trump!”
Two young women on site
People still went into the center Flynn when Donald Trump took the stage, 19 to 30 hours, without much ceremony. Mocked his rivals for the Republican nomination and President Obama – “we are led by stupid people” – the businessman from Queens approached one of his favorite topics: illegal immigration from Mexico. “We’ll fix this country. We’ll build a wall, “he proclaimed in front of 1,400 people who had worked its way into the auditorium. “Who will pay for the wall? “Has he asked. Hundreds of people responded in unison: “Mexico! “Ravi, the politician has added in. “I’ll tell you who will not pay for that wall, and it is the people of Vermont. ”

If hundreds of people drank the words of Donald Trump, yesterday, dozens of others waited long hours to enter the Flynn center to show their anger. A dozen times during his speech, the aspirant for the US presidency was interrupted by protesters. “You are a carrier of hatred, Trump,” shouted included two young women. “Get them out of here and keep their coats. It is cold outside. We make them in a few days, “said Donald Trump security guards, half serious. Escorted to the door by the guards, turned away several protesters, including the lady who wore a poster supporting refugees, raised their arms to heaven, leaving the theater, acclaimed by the protesters stationed across the street.

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