Pride Montreal: shots grouped against Harper

thomas-mulcair-justin-trudeau-serreThe opposition parties have demonstrated a rare unity on Sunday to unanimously denounce the Conservative leader, Stephen Harper, who was not present at the annual Pride Parade in Montreal, which was regained again haunted by the trial of Senator Mike Duffy.

The NDP Thomas Mulcair, the Liberal Justin Trudeau, Bloc Québécois Gilles Duceppe and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May met by sweltering heat in the metropolis for a march to promote the rights of LGBT (lesbians, gays, Bisexual and Transgender) in the country. The four leaders have also opened the parade side by side, smiling, waving their rainbow flags sky.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, although conspicuous by its absence, has been the focus of discussion and criticism of the opposition leaders. Thomas Mulcair said his non-participation in the event demonstrated its “lack of interest” in the issue, while the Green Party leader said she was “disappointed” that the Conservative Party take again his ” distance “of this community.

Mr. Trudeau, who did not say surprised by this absence, assured that as prime minister he would participate in such events. It was Mr. Duceppe was most severe with regard to the Conservative leader, whom he accused of having an “affront” to this population by its absence. He added that Prime Minister Harper “had nothing done” through the years for their rights.

The spokesman for the Conservative Party Catherine Loubier said in an email that such accusations were “completely false” and “baseless”. “Prime Minister Harper defends the rights of all Canadians, regardless of their sexual orientation,” she added, noting for example that he had taken a position against Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. The Conservative Party had also sent the parade some of its candidates in the Montreal region.

Another topic was on everyone’s lips at the parade: the trial of Senator Duffy. The thorny issue continues to bother the Conservative leader for several days – especially since the unveiling of emails at the trial, which revealed that some current employees of the party were informed of the payment of the check of $ 90,000 by the former head of the Prime Minister, Nigel Wright.

Justin Trudeau reiterated its willingness Harper dismisses the members of his team that would be involved in the scandal. “People around Harper have disrespected the (Office) of the Prime Minister, also to Canadians by being part of a” cover-up “. If Mr. Harper (minimum) of integrity, he would fire these people instead of protecting them, “he launched reporters.

The Liberal leader even sent an open letter to Conservative leader to ask him specific questions about the sequence of events since neither politicians nor journalists have been answered to date, he said.

If Mr. Duceppe and Ms. May also called for the dismissal of these advisors, Mr. Mulcair said he did not aim “restricted”. “Me, I want to get rid of the person appointed to the Senate Mike Duffy, who named the then chief of staff, who was in charge of the Premier’s Office when they (the team) did a check of $ 90,000 and that person is the Prime Minister himself, “he said.

This issue has caught the Conservative leader, who spent the beginning of his day in Ottawa. Journalists have again tried to learn more about the team members who have been made aware of the famous Wright check in emails which their names appeared.

“They told me he was going to pay and had refunded. That’s why I acted as I did when I discovered that this was not the case, “said he decided, without responding directly to questions about his surroundings.

The day started on a high note for the Green Party, who welcomed the troops in Quebec incumbent New Democratic Party (NDP) José Nunez-Melo, who alleges that he was dismissed from his former party. He will try to get elected under the banner of green in the riding of Vimy in Laval.

During a morning press conference at the offices of the party in Montreal, Ms. May was delighted that his party can count on his “three deputies” – Ms. May, who was elected for the Green Party in BC Bruce Hyer, a defector MP from the NDP, and Mr. Nunez-Melo. The delegation justified in its existence at all the next leaders’ debates.

Thousands of people attend the parade
Despite the oppressive heat and the scorching sun, thousands of people gathered Sunday in downtown Montreal to attend the Pride Parade, the culmination of a week of festivities the honor of the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender).

Representatives of 127 partners and Montreal LGBT Pride festival organizations marched on René-Lévesque Boulevard between rue Guy and Sanguinet at the flamboyant event, which attracted some 290,000 spectators, organizers said.

Also according to the organizers, about 500,000 festival-goers took part in the various activities of the 9th Pride Montreal presentation, which took place from August 10 to 16 in the heart of Quebec’s metropolis.

“We are proud to have become one of the key summer festivals in Montreal,” said Éric Pineault, President and founder of Montreal Pride, in a statement Sunday. “We are happy to help make Montreal a city open to diversity.”

Mr. Pineault also stressed that the festival was more than a festive and colorful rally, since its mission is not only to support the LGBT communities here, but also to give hope to those who live in violence elsewhere in the world.

“There are still many internationally intolerance, which is frankly unacceptable,” said Stéphanie Vallée, Minister of Justice and head of the fight against homophobia in the government of Philippe Couillard, one many politicians present at the Pride Parade. “This is why it is important to position itself as an open society, a society where difference and diversity is considered an asset.”

A view shared by the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, who called the Quebec metropolis’ capital ‘living together’. ”

“The fight against transphobia and homophobia requires vigilance at all times, said Mr. Coderre. Around the world, there are still too many cases of violence, too many people are arrested because of their sexual orientation. This parade is important not only to educate people here, but also the rest of the planet. ”

The 10th Montreal Pride presentation will be held from 8 to 14 August 2016.

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