Prince Harry and Rihanna finally met!

prince-harry-harry-prince-d-angleterre-rihannaThe Prince Harry and Rihanna finally met for the first time and to say that there were a few sparks … Look at the pictures!
When the Prince of England meets the Queen of Pop, it can only make sparks. The meeting between Rihanna and Prince Harry had been scheduled for a few weeks and was much awaited, and yesterday it took place. The Duke of England’s brother traveled to the Caribbean for an official visit for two weeks and made a stop by Barbados. He came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of the country and of course the star Rihanna was present for this historic event. Prince Harry met her to congratulate her and to say that they both were seduced! Discover immediately the superb clichés of their meeting.

Rihanna went to her home country to make a huge concert to celebrate this happy event that marks the independence of Barbados from Britain. What better way to gleam his day than a meeting with Prince Harry? Well this is done and from what we prove the photos, the current is immediately passed between the two. The honor was reciprocal. The meeting took place during a ceremony that celebrated national achievements and continued throughout the day until the singer’s concert. The superstar and the Prince were all smiles and charm. The official Twitter account of Kensington Palace shared many photos of this event. In any case, Harry’s girlfriend did not seem to be present alongside his man. Would the couple formed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be already cold? Case to follow but in any case, what is remembered is that the photos of Harry and Rihanna are adorable and sublime!

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