Principals want to free school boards

directions-etablissement-enseignement(Quebec) Exasperated to be dictated to by the school boards, principals see as a good thing Bill 86, which would allow them to manage their schools more independently, responding to the most urgent needs.

First large group to come to his support for the bill now worn by the Minister Sebastien Proulx, the Quebec Federation of directions of educational institution (FQDE) agreed on the fact that this bill does not solve everything education – such as financing – but think it is a first step, may even encourage academic success.

To support his claim, the president Lorraine Normand Charbonneau held up in committee a study by the OECD, which said that more decision-making takes place near the students, the better their chances of success. The study found that the most effective schools are those where we give more responsibility to the people on the ground, which will then deviennen more motivated every day.

For Ms. Normand Charbonneau, over the years, the network has risen, he “has closed on the structure, instead of being open on the pupils”, for which the decentralization of decision-making is necessary .

The FQDE is not against the existence of school boards. She believes in the usefulness of this governance level, which must however be of service to schools, not the opposite.

“Some [school board] have better management practices than others,” says Ms. Normand Charbonneau, who agrees that the Minister of Education has new powers that allow him to put his nose in their affairs if there is something wrong.

For example, she told a school board – without naming it – took a puncture 21% of the school budget, without management knowing why. “Our budget, there are people who use it, and we, we wait, and we do with the rest!” Was she rebelled.


Bill 86 provides that principals become members of the new school boards. The School Board Federation has already expressed concern that they have difficulty in distributing the money fairly among schools, each trying to promote his. The FQDE replica that principals already working fairly and they are required to change schools about five years, giving them an overview of the network.

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