Private Schools: Quebec cancels cuts of 11 million

quebec-plaide-abolition-complete-subvention(Quebec) The government cancels Couillard cuts of $ 11 million to private schools, learned La Presse. These cuts could also have “negative collateral effects” on the public network, he said.

The Education Minister, François Blais, has decided not to abolish completely the subsidy for school transport for private schools. This grant of $ 21 million had to be removed over a period of three years. In 2014-2015 and this year it was reduced from 10 million in total. The remaining 11 million, was to be removed next year, in 2016-2017. There will be no end.

Quebec argued that the complete abolition of the subsidy to private schools also might have an impact on the public network. Private institutions have agreements with school boards to provide transportation for their students. All of these agreements have been challenged; some have already been. The bill for school boards, under contract to carriers, could have increased, according to the government.

The Federation of Quebec school boards (FCSQ) feared these possible impacts. It asked the government that its members do wipe no financial loss and that private schools assume in full the invoice related to the abolition of the subsidy. Quebec finally chose to maintain some assistance to private schools.

“If we went further [with cuts], we also had an impact on school boards, because the transportation of private students is often organized with school boards. To avoid negative side effects, the budget is 11 million and remain at that level, “says Julie White, Press Secretary of the Minister Blais.

QBCF states that the reduction of the subsidy for school transport for private schools already had “a financial impact on some school boards.”

For now, Quebec is not expected to recover in other private schools the 11 million cuts which have been canceled. He argued that the cuts to the private are equivalent to those imposed on the public.


The Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) urged the government to back down on the elimination of the subsidy for school transportation. Reached by La Presse, President Jean-Marc St-Jacques said he was satisfied with the decision of the Minister. There had been no formal confirmation so far about the cancellation of the cutting 11 million. Although private schools, especially in the area will be relieved, he said.

“I think the government has seen two things. On the one hand, it was jeopardizing private schools, and it has a cost for the government: students in these regions would return to the public and the government had to finance 100%. The second thing is that if private schools are organized differently for transport because of the compression, it will cost more expensive medium term school boards “because the buses will be less busy, explained St -Jacques, who is also CEO of the Collège Bourget in Rigaud.

He denied that the government pampers its members. “We have been hit hard by the cuts, too.” The subsidies for private schools were amputated a total of $ 22 million this year and a sum roughly equivalent in 2014-2015, did -he said.

Over the past two years, lower subsidies for school transport has swollen the bill for parents who need this service. The rate charged by private schools has doubled in many cases.

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