Processing cases in the DPJ: deadlines are not exaggerated, provides leadership

1166216There are certainly aspects of field work to improve, but the case processing times reported to the Youth Centres are not exaggerated.

It is in this way has responded Alain Trudel, Director of Youth Protection (DYP) in the Eastern Townships, at Wednesday’s public release of the Union of Youth center staff Estrie (SPCJE).

Recall that the union affiliated to the Federation of Health and Human Services CSN denounced these periods much longer than the prescribed departmental requirements. In the Eastern Townships, it takes more than 57 days after application of a reporting and evaluation-orientation, the first contact between the speaker of the youth center and the child or the family. This period should not exceed eight days, says the union.

Now it must put all this in context, says Mr. Trudel. “Yes there are times and we must work to reduce,” he said.

“Delays in such cases are always too long. The union wants us hires people, but we must at first that there are people on the recall list. ”

Mr. Trudel mentions that hired new staff, such last fall, but it took the form. This takes some time. No, the case processing time in the Eastern Townships are among the longest in Quebec. Either, budget issues are involved here.

“The union has been honest enough to say that urgent cases are treated quickly. When there is physical or sexual abuse of children, we act, “says the manager.

“We receive 2,000 calls a year. We retain 45 percent. If we are dealing with a teenager 17 years and a half takes drugs and does not listen to his parents, it may be that the deadlines are longer than in the case of a five year old child in trouble. ”

“We want that the cases are treated at the right time by the right provider.”

The reform introduced last fall has changed the picture in this matter, says Alain Trudel. This broad molten health social services in the greater region of the Eastern Townships is changing the way of working with stakeholders, he said.

“What we want is that the cases are treated at the right time by the right provider, how he. It does not always pass by the DPJ. When we receive a report, the information must be processed. There is work to do with schools, police and stakeholders who have contact with the child. Do not think the DPJ immediately landed the same. ”

“Sometimes the time, it can be positive. When they see that there is a certain time, people find solutions. They will work out between them. ”

Child, Mr. Trudel insists he welcomes the work of the people working in youth protection in the region. They find themselves in the spotlight especially when something negative occurs, but it is not representative of the accomplishments of everyday stakeholders.

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