Professional days: parents will be entitled to a tax credit

gouvernement-couillard-annonce-mercredi-quilQuebec will grant a tax credit to parents to ease up the bill to keep her child to school on pedagogical days.

La Presse reported Wednesday that the base price will double up as a result of government cutbacks. In many school boards, it goes from $ 8 to $ 16 for each of the 20 regularly scheduled professional development days. That’s not counting the costs to outputs and special events. The total bill parents can now represent more than $ 400 for each child. It varies from school to school.

The rate increase is the result of budget cuts. Earlier this year, the Education Minister François Blais has decided to cut by half – $ 10 million – the subsidy paid to school boards for professional development days. He then claimed that he was only a “surgical punctures.” He even argued that “it would not seek more money to the parents’ because of its decision. After all, school-based childcare realize surplus, he said.

Couillard The government finally announced Wednesday he will qualify for the tax credit for child care expenses part of the increase in the bill for parents. This is from the base price that exceeds $ 8. For example, parents whose base price will rise to $ 16 per day can claim a tax credit for $ 8. There will be an increase in the bill for parents, but it will be a little less with this measure.

The minister’s office Blais was not able to quantify the effect of the tax credit on the bill of parents. Note that this tax credit is refundable.

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