The project of a disc golf course raises concerns

assiste-rencontre-informationThe information evening on a future disc golf course, Victoria Park, allowed Thursday night, several citizens to raise concerns about the project.

Within the fifty people present were asked questions related primarily safety and the environment.

People from Destination Sherbrooke, organization that sponsors the project, have proved reassuring about the impact of this recreational path that is to throw a disc into baskets to be placed in the park of the Fleurimont district, much like on a field golf.

“There were several questions from people. It shows a high level of anxiety, “says Hélène Dauphinais adviser after the evening.

“People said they fear losing a gem with this project in a wooded park. They will not have the impression of walking in a forest and fear for their safety. ”

Questions were asked about whether they had evaluated the Forest Heritage Park. This forest would include a grouping prucheraie old trees hundreds of years, adds Dauphinais.

“A forest engineer inquired. People from Destination Sherbrooke responded have no evaluation on this. People were also concerned for wildlife. ”

“Others asked why install this path in the park? Why not elsewhere? ”

In light of this meeting, which lasted three hours, Hélène Dauphinais do not think the project will come to this place. “But I do not know what reading people Destination Sherbrooke made the evening,” she says.

The counselor Dauphinais expected an information evening rather run. In recent weeks, several people spoke about the project, she noted. Especially on his Facebook page this weekend.

We know that the Association of Friends of Victoria Park focuses tightly to projects for the park in the borough of Fleurimont. The combination has raised many concerns of citizens. A document containing reservations or questions tabled.

According to the websites accessed by friends of the park, disc golf is often done in wooded areas. The disc can cause damage to fragile plants, do we highlighted recently in La Tribune.

The Association of Friends of Victoria Park was formed last winter. Building a dog park and adding a disc golf at Victoria Park circuit could help reduce the problems of loitering in the area of ​​street Desaulniers, would do you. Loitering refers veiled encounters leading to sexual acts between consenting men, a situation observed over the last twenty years in this area of ​​the city.

The subject was raised at the meeting for the creation of the Association of Friends of Victoria Park.

Ms. Dauphinais adds that the ultimate Frisbee adapted are in favor of the project.

“The discussion on my Facebook page was very civilized,” said Councillor Pin-Solitaire district.

“This is a project that can interest all Sherbrooke, for the whole population can play disc golf.”

The project involves constructing a 18 baskets, like a golf land with many holes.

The consultation meeting was held at the community center Immaculate Heart. Councilors Louisda Brochu and Rémi Demers took part in the event. Denis Bernier, CEO of Destination Sherbrooke, was also present to explain the project.

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