A project to give color to the new roundabout

1173193The gray and dull walls of the multifunctional trail underneath the roundabout Portland Boulevard soon change colors. The tags and graffiti committee of the City of Sherbrooke invites indeed the graffiti artists to submit projects to brighten the imposing concrete structure commissioned in recent months.

The graffiti artists and interested organizations have until May 8 to submit their art projects to the committee through the website of the City of Sherbrooke. A final response will be communicated to their early June.

Achieving the wall should be between June 30 and July 15 in five consecutive days, depending on temperature.

The theme which the participants will be inspired is “green Sherbrooke the future,” a theme recalling the importance of sustainable transport in the urban fabric of Sherbrooke.

“The project is open to graffiti artists living, working or studying full-time in the territory of Sherbrooke,” said the councilor Chantal L’Espérance at the last council meeting. In the case of a collective project, artists can appeal to partners from other regions, provided that the majority of members of the collective are Sherbrooke.

A total of 14 sections of walls 3.3 m high by 20 m wide will be delivered to the inspiration of artists.

“The City of Sherbrooke wants to encourage urban art, but will never allow vandalism.”

In addition to encouraging legal graffiti, this project aims to beautify the area and improve neighborhood life. mischief and encourage respect for public property and we hope to decrease.

The tags and graffiti committee was set up in 2011 following an unprecedented wave of illegal graffiti seen around the city. Since its inception, the committee has made available the graffiti spaces where they can express themselves freely.

“The City of Sherbrooke wants to encourage urban art, but will never allow the vandalism”, said the councilor Chantal L’Espérance, who chairs the committee tags and graffiti.

Since the establishment of this committee, the Sherbrooke Police Service observed a decrease in the number of complaints related to tags and graffiti. 356 in 2013, the number of reported events at SPS increased to 276 in 2014.

“We have not the figures for 2015, but we already know that the tangent is declining,” said Martin Carrier, spokesman for the SPS.

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