Proposed $ 250 million for 1,000 housing units in Duberger

batiments-construction-elevera-quatre(Quebec) The promoter Stephan Huot, president of Huot Group, unveiled on Wednesday, the last of its real estate projects in the Quebec region, Aventura, landlocked between Robert-Bourassa highways and Felix-Leclerc in Duberger the neighborhood. The project will include 10 stages for a total of 1000 apartments and a budget of $ 250 million.

The wooden building of the first phase ($ 17 million) is being built at the corner of streets Roselière and Geraniums. Top four floors, it will offer 72 homes that will be delivered in June. Twenty are already rented, has he said at a press visit.

Stephan Huot put “on a special website” he developed since 2004 and owned for 20 years. He “open” streets, zoning negotiated with the City of Quebec, joined the Marais Park, next. Its aim is to create “a small urban village in the city”, with three swimming pools, a community hall, gardens, hiking trails, parks, shops, a central water plan that will turn into ice.

At the end of 10 construction phases that will be spread over several years, the complex will provide 1,000 homes and 2,000 underground parking spaces. The highest tower will have 10 floors.

“This is the budget [$ 250 million] for half a Centre Videotron” illustrated the proponent.

Rents vary between $ 900 and $ 1,700 per month. For the city, he believes, it represents income taxes of about “$ 2,000 per unit.” About 400 jobs will be created, he added.

The company Millenum Construction was created to meet the needs of Huot Group. With his experience in Cortina Villas, along the Laurentian Autoroute, its president, Richard Lagacé, brought attention to soundproofing the new building.

Rental condos in demand

Stephan Huot claims to have based on “serious market research” before going ahead with its “rental condos.” “The demand is there,” he said. This “middle life” will appeal to baby boomers and young, he argues, young people today are more interested than before in condo living, he analyzed.

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