Protest March 24: Class Action $ 5.8 million against the City of Quebec

mars-manifestante-martine-deraspe(Quebec) A group of protesters calling for authorization to institute a class action they value at $ 5.8 million against the City of Quebec to be compensated for what they called police brutality at a event held March 24.

At least 400 people had gathered that evening near the National Assembly to denounce the Liberal government’s austerity policies.

The Quebec police quickly declared illegal grouping; the protesters had not provided route.

Citizens claim that “the Police Service of the City of Quebec (SPVQ) has demonstrated unprecedented brutality, loading a crowd that represented no danger to anyone.”

They estimate that “inadequate dispersion techniques and undue wounded five people, four of which were sent to the emergency room to treat of serious injury”.

After this event, the Quebec City police had distributed 274 of offense for disturbing the peace and good order.

If their appeal is moving forward and is ultimately allowed, the protesters will demand damages ranging from 11 $ 500 to $ 16,000 per citizen arrested.

Protesters groups representatives will give a press briefing this afternoon at the Quebec City courthouse.

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