Proven pair wins give marriage

-ensemble-larmesMelanie Bureau and Georges-Etienne Milot learned yesterday that they were winning the all inclusive wedding organized by Lyne Benjamin. It is their story that, among the 290 testimonies received, the most affected one who decided to offer a gift, wedding two strangers.

This is Melanie who heard about the contest launched in February. But it’s Georges-Etienne who wrote the letter telling their long journey that begins in primary school.

Georges-Etienne is in second grade when he noticed “the pretty brown eyes” of the sister of his friend Marc. “We all grew up together in the neighborhood. At that age, I was already Melanie my taste, but I was too embarrassed to tell her. Especially since it was the sister of my friend, “recalls the groom.

Years later, Melanie tells her that she, too, from the primary crush on him.

In early adulthood, death strikes close for the first time. Like many people his age, Georges-Etienne will live in the Canadian West for some time. Her boyfriend, Marc, decided to do the same. The childhood friends met on an evening where the accordion is heard on an air of Paul Piche.

“We will never get there,” sings the Quebec performer in the song The train.

After leaving, that night, his friend Georges-Etienne, Marc never goes to his next destination. He died in a car accident at the age of 21.

Upon his return to Quebec, Georges-Etienne saw a dark period. “Then the father of Melanie, Marcel invited me to go home to discuss everything and anything. And Mark. “Georges-Etienne Marcel relies on the accordion, the symbol of the last shared evening with Marc. During this visit, time stops when his gaze recrosses that of Melanie.

“Marcel was talking to me, but I heard nothing.”

Between their first romantic date and the birth of their first child, little time elapses.


“As if we avenged lost time to want the secret of the gods,” wrote Georges-Étienne in his letter.

The first of their five children called Mark Antony, in tribute to Marc.

Alexander was born 18 months after the clan elder. “Life was at its height. Love was filled with happiness and stinky diapers. ”

Alexander is the artistic and sensitive son to beautiful things. He often asks his parents: “It is when you’re getting married?”

Melanie and Georges-Étienne thought seriously marry twice in the past. The first time is after the birth of Alexander. But Melanie is pregnant again. And then, lunches, dinners, suppers, washes households. The daily life of the family has ensured that the project was postponed.

The torn heart

In March 2014, Alexander malaise, dizziness. It shall not return to school after spring break. His parents decided to visit a doctor.

“This is where life has torn our hearts. Alexander had cancer of the cerebral cortex … incurable. I could not understand the word incurable. Doctors are certainly wrong. Someone somewhere had the solution. Alexander was going to live, “says the father.

Doctors speak of a life expectancy of 8 to 12 months. “It was at that point we thought, for a second time to marry in the room of Alexander palliative care for it now,” Melanie chains.

But things are moving too quickly. Seven days after her hospitalization, Alexander dies, the 28March 2014. He is 12 years old.

The world of Melanie and Georges-Etienne collapses at the same time undermining the extended family, classmates of Alexander, all parents and non-parents who wind of the drama. If suddenly.

Two years have passed. Many tears flowed. Georges-Etienne celebrated 40 years in July. And when the turn to Melanie came in January to pass the course of quarantine, Georges-Etienne made or remade, the high demand. worth the tears turned into tears of joy.

“We decided to do something good for us and for our family. To learn now that wins the all inclusive wedding, it could not be more wonderful, “says the couple.

“From above, Alex and Mark will be our groomsmen, smiling before love finally celebrated,” says the father in his letter.

The woman behind the gift of love

Lyne Benjamin launched in February, a call to all couples wishing to marry. After receiving a serious diagnosis, the weddings she had attended had brought him so much happiness that she wanted to give back. In giving lovers who had gone through hard times and who hoped now swinging back toward the light by uniting their destiny.

Nearly 300 couples have answered his call. Lyne Benjamin made his choice and the winners received the good news Friday.

A few months after marrying, Lyne Benjamin received in November 2014, a diagnosis that would darken his honeymoon. She was diagnosed with scleroderma accompanied by Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Scleroderma, called the mummified disease, is a chronic and potentially fatal illness that affects some 16 000 Canadians. Unknown, the disease first attacks the hands and may gradually take all the soft tissues of the body such as skin, esophagus, kidney, liver, lungs, heart.

Following the diagnosis, Lyne Benjamin through a dark period. To boost morale, it exchanges on the web site for brides she so often consulted while she was organizing her own wedding. By dint of interacting with others, she is invited to 15mariages in 2015.

When these marriages, she finds hope. In the smiles and shining eyes of those who live the happiest day of their lives. A joy shared by all a loving entourage.

This is what happiness found that Ms. Benjamin wanted to give back to an unknown couple offering a free wedding all inclusive.

All inclusive is the bride’s dress and those of the bridesmaids, the groom’s suit, the photographer, the reception hall, decorations, catering, hairdressing and makeup, alliances, cake, the deejay, the celebrant. Lark. The couple had the same right to a private fire fireworks on the song of their choice.

“I read all the letters and the Georges-Étienne me cry. We often will see in the coming months. We will select a date and then we will try to go white robes. It is gratifying to give happiness because it’s free and it feels good! “Enthuses Ms. Benjamin, who thanked all the partners who joined it to give this great gift of love.

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