Prust against his friends

cours-sejour-trois-saisons-montreal(VANCOUVER) Upon arrival in Montreal, early in the 2013 season, Brandon Prust formed a trio with Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher. The three players were in their first steps with the Canadian, but Prust played obviously a mentor to two recruits.

Clearly, the link remained strong between the veteran and the two young forwards Habs. It was obvious when we asked Prust with which players he would raise his fists tonight in his first game against his former team since he was traded to the Canucks.

“I noticed some numbers, I have to check my notes. Some players are at the top of the list: Gally, Chuckie … “joked the old number 8 CH.

We then asked Gallagher Prust to guess the answer to the question.

“He had to appoint Chuckie. And me! “Replied the little winger. Right in the target!

“We had fun, we stayed on the ice after practice, added Gallagher. I always told him that it was I who had taught him to fight. He was improving from year to year to force play with me! ”

Agree with the choice

During his three seasons in Montreal, Prust has left the image of a player who did not hesitate to sacrifice. Even he sometimes sacrificed too, as evidenced by the 40 games he missed in his first two campaigns.

And with that attitude, with his experience, he had earned a place among the leaders of the Canadian. He was also close to Max Pacioretty locker and saw it grow one who received the title of captain last month.

“I did not know much when I arrived in Montreal. But I learned to know him and we became good friends, described Prust. He has matured and became a good young man.

“It is a good guy, a good leader by example who is highly respected. Her voice is powerful and it is an excellent player. It would have been my choice. ”

The Canucks have tried to help Kassian

In eight games with his new team, Prust has three assists and three fights. Collectively, the team was however limited to three victories. “It was exactly as expected. It comes every night, he has good work habits and is good with young people “, summed up his Quebec teammate Alexandre Burrows.

Zack Kassian, the Canadiens acquired in return for Prust July 1, meanwhile participate in Phase II of the program on substance abuse and behavioral health of the NHL and the NHLPA. But with nine wins in nine games, the Habs is better than the Canucks.

“You never want to see that, what happened to Zack, Burrows said. The person is more important than hockey player. If they can treat the person, and that it is stronger then, great. But when you look at the exchange, in this moment, it is best for us. But the Canadian, it was a risk to run, and not a big risk. ”

Burrows is not fell off his chair when he heard of the problems of Kassian. “We had tried to help,” he says.

“You see the signs. We knew he was in Phase I of the aid program. We knew we had to help, frame it. It has so much potential as a player. Sometimes you saw him in training, matches, he had the potential to be an effective power player. ”

That said, Burrows also recalls that the NHL and the NHLPA put a variety of resources available to players in difficulty.

“The Doctor is a phone call. Everyone number, if you need help with your family, your parents, your friends, drug problems, alcohol, gambling. In society in general, it is not everyone who has such easy access to help. And everything is anonymous. But it is also the player to take control. We’re all adults. If you realize you have a problem, it’s not too complicated to get help. ”

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