PS4 PS Store Black Friday: FIFA 17, Battlefield 1 IW CoD games … The best promo

sony-playstation-playstation-4-pro-ps4-neoSpecials Black Friday are now available on the PlayStation Store! Discover our selection of the best games on promotion.
Let’s go ! Sony has given the kickoff for Black Friday specials on PlayStation Store. While Dishonored 2 is 50% right now , it is possible to make sacred business if having some games dematerialized version does not mind. While you can find all the deals here , we made you a small selection of the best games in promo. First of FIFA 17 from 70 to 42 euros like that, a quick one. Fans of FPS them probably prefer Battlefield 1, also released there shortly and yet passing the threshold of less than 50 euros, or Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for 65 euros.
Same for Watch Dogs 2 you can find our test here , and that goes to 45 euros. Titanfall 2 which has also come out is offered at 40 euros, but a little less recent games are not left as GTA V for 35 or Star Wars Battlefront for only 15 euros. That is, if with all that you do not spend a happy holiday year end, we can not do much for you. Will you take advantage of Black friday deals on the PS Store?

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