Public consultations for the land of Rene-Levesque Blvd.

-tiendront-debutTwo public consultations will be held in early May on the future land uses boulevard René-Lévesque. Because of areas adjacent to land in question, these sessions will be held in the boroughs of Rock Forest-Saint-Élie-Deauville and Jacques-Cartier.

The first session is scheduled at the borough office at 1000 High Street Wood in Rock Forest, May 3 to 19 h. The second is scheduled from 9 May to 12 pm Local 003 2070 Portland Boulevard.

“There may be a lot of questions about the progress of the construction of the boulevard, but it will not be the place to ask. A citizens’ meeting is planned once the plans and specifications are completed. In early May, it will be only a matter of uses, “says Councillor Annie Godbout.

These are four regulatory proposals to change the zoning, particularly to adjust the residential and commercial areas, which will be the subject of consultation.

The President of the Executive Committee states that citizens will actually be informed of how the work will evolve over time, possibly this fall. “The plans and specifications are being prepared. We will conduct a tender, probably in late June, early July. The contract could be awarded at a meeting in October. A number of works will be undertaken this year. Delivery of the first phase of construction will be done in July 2017, until Matisse street, and the second step, to Henri-Labonne in August 2017. ”

The contract for the realization of plans and specifications had been awarded in March for $ 500,000 plus taxes, half less than the maximum price set by the city.

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