Public finance: the Liberals have lost control, Ambrose says

chef-interim-parti-conservateur-rona(Ottawa) The Trudeau government has just been brought to power he has already lost control of public finances, argued Wednesday opposition leader Acting Rona Ambrose.

The Liberals, who have promised “modest” deficits bordering 10 billion per year during the first three years to invest heavily in infrastructure to support the economy, will pass the bill to taxpayers and the class families Average added Ms. Ambrose, in a speech to the Conservative caucus met prior to the resumption of Parliament on Thursday.

“The Liberals are already aligning deficits and to embark on new spending lavishly. Taxpayers deserve to have someone who will defend their interests and protect their hard-earned money. The Conservative Party is the only party in Ottawa that will do this, “stated Ms. Ambrose.

“It did not take long for Canadians to see the way that the Liberals want to borrow. While conservatives have kept taxes low, balanced the budget and created a surplus, the Liberals promised to increase taxes and taxes, to return to budget deficits to counter a recession that does not even exist and to support a middle class that has never carried as well, “she added.

Tuesday, Statistics Canada reported that the Canadian economy had experienced an annualized real growth of 2.3% in September from July, signaling that the technical recession occurred during the first six months of the year was less deep than the first assessments had indicated.

“But the Liberals have not even expected that these figures are known before to plunge the country back into the rut of deficits by increasing spending for the rest of the year. Expenditures that can not be paid with higher taxes for working families and a heavier debt for future generations. The Liberals are incapable of saying no, “insisted Ms. Ambrose.

In front of his troops, Ambrose was also sharply criticized the decision by the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau repatriated to the country six aircraft CF-18 fighter participating in air strikes against targets of the armed group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria despite terrorist attacks in Paris.

“Our job as preservatives is to remind the government that sometimes that fight against such an enemy is the right thing to do. We’ll also remind Liberals that human rights remain fine words on a piece of paper if you are not willing to fight to protect and solidarity with your allies, “she has said.

“I have no doubt that we will be the strongest opposition that Canadians have ever seen. Our first priority will be to defend Canadian taxpayers, “she also said.

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