Public sector: PQ delegates supported the claims of the common front

greves-tournantes-secteur-public-touchent(Sherbrooke) The Parti Quebecois must support wage demands of the trade union front of state employees, have ruled the militants of the separatist formation on Sunday.

The 350 delegates gathered in the National Council in Sherbrooke adopted with an overwhelming majority a proposal activist Marc Laviolette to support inter alia the “catch-up” claimed by unions.

The common front of public employees calls for wage increases of between 9% and 10.5% over three years.

In presenting his proposal, Mr. Laviolette was pleased to hear the leader Pierre Karl Péladeau commit to preserve the “progressive character of the PQ”. He said the separatist training must oppose Couillard government’s austerity policies.

“It is in the process of bringing the State of Quebec at the same level as other provinces, said Dr. Laviolette. He wants to make Quebec a province like the others. What they refuse, the PQ, and that the population declines and that public sector employees also refuse. ”

No one showed up to the microphone to challenge the proposal of Mr. Laviolette, who is president of the PQ Beauharnois.

Mr. Péladeau has repeatedly said that the PQ must value public service and oppose the liberal austerity. But it has been reluctant to support the wage demands of the trade unions, despite an explicit request from the common front.

Saturday, the PQ leader refused to support the initiative of Mr. Laviolette.

“We are not at the negotiating table, he said. When involved in a negotiation, there are a lot of details on collective agreements, there must be 600 or 700 pages. ”

However, he said the government Couillard “evil it takes” in negotiating with government employees.

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