Public sector: Wednesday’s strike seems inevitable

malgre-ententes-principes-differentes-tablesMost schools, health institutions and Quebec departments will be affected by a strike of state employees on Wednesday, while the inter-union common front announced a one-day strike and that the Autonomous Federation of Teachers (FAE ) then begin a sequence of three consecutive days of strike.

A few hours of the outbreak of the strike, it seemed more and more inevitable, despite progress in recent days in some sectoral negotiation tables.

The common front inter-union, which represents 400,000 of the 500,000 state employees, has already announced the holding of a one-day strike on Wednesday. And there is not given, although the principle of sectoral arrangements are put in over the past few days by its member unions representing employees of academic support, officials and workers, as well as college professors.

“She seems imminent. There is no indication at this time we should put pressure side through there. The strike then obviously going to practice, because at the time we speak, even if there were in the last days of sectoral agreements that are important to stress, there is still no change, no new at the central table settings on wage and retirement, “said the president of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ), Louise Chabot, during an interview with La Presse Canadian.

Negotiations are still ongoing with the Government of Quebec to renew collective agreements expired on 31 March.

It is at the central table, which are negotiated wages and pensions, that progress has been slow, reported several unions.

“Unless an extraordinary outcome by the end of the day, I think we are already able to announce that tomorrow (Wednesday) there will strike in all regions of Quebec,” Ms. Chabot accused .

Including the CSQ represents two thirds of teachers in primary and secondary, or 73,000 of them, professional education, school support staff, as well as college professors.

For its part, the AWF, which represents one third of teachers in primary and secondary débraiera Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in 800 schools in some regions, including Montreal, Laval and Outaouais.

Within this union as we affirmed Tuesday that he would practically “a miracle” to avoid the strike.

AWF stormed November 3, leaving its sectoral table. She did not come back since, despite two attempts at rapprochement, most recently last Sunday. Tuesday, FEF still trying to see if there was a way to resume negotiations formally.

Health facilities will also be affected by the single day of strike common front. However, essential services will be provided, as required by the Labour Code.

Moreover, the nurses, the majority of which is unionized interprofessional Federation of health, which is not a member of the united front, not débraient.

The Union of Public Employees of Quebec, Lucie Martineau President said during an interview that its members débraieront in departments such as Employment and Social Solidarity, Transport, Environment, Agriculture, plus organizations such as the Healthcare Commission and occupational safety and the Revenu Québec.

But again, essential services will be maintained.

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