Quebec 3 / New Jersey 4: starting a defeat

karl-gelinas-ecope-defaite-allouant(Quebec) The bet did not bring the expected bonus! The pitcher Karl Gelinas sold four runs on seven hits in five innings last night in front of 563 people at Yogi Berra Stadium, during an emotional 4-3 Capitales de Québec at the expense of New Jersey Jackals in opening the semifinals of the Can-Am League independent baseball.

Do not doubt, these two teams do not like. Tensions escalated in the ninth, when Joshua was hit by Peley reliever Hector Melo … to load the bases and empty seats! When calm was restored, no shots being exchanged, Yordan Manduley was then rushed on a third strike to end the game.

“Their pitcher looked at him with a wide smile, the guys have not appreciated and [Kalyan] Sams, among others, approached. This brought energy and we started to believe. But at this point in the season, it’s just the result that counts, we must find a way to win, “explained the manager Patrick Scalabrini, joined in the dressing room of the team.

This series of 5 3 should continue today in Little Falls, if the rain does not interfere. A rebate of the match tomorrow allow Gélinas start again in a potential fifth confrontation in Quebec City.

“We knew that the series would be difficult and there were many on the presence of Karl, then the second game becomes very important and it will take us a big performance Hooks” he added about the leaving Deryk Hooker.

Bad decision of the arbitrator

Capitals had taken the lead in the first inning thanks to two-run homer Sams. But the 2-0 lead was gone in third. Gélinas has yielded two runs on three hits in the second turn at bat of the Jackals, giving two more in the third and fifth. Mark Threlkeld had three hits and two RBIs, including the game-winner for the Jackals.

“Karl has launched, he had the stuff, but missed some juice. The bad call from the referee [he declared a runner except in order to attempted theft] has changed the second. This allowed them to make two points and forcing Karl to make 18 shots more instead of going away with a third out and a 2-0 lead … ”

John Walter worked for eight innings to savor the victory. The Capitals have hit seven hits, including two from Jonathan Malo, who scored the third point on a wild pitch in the ninth. “Their pitcher was very good, but it did not generate much,” confessed Scalabrini.

For the first time in years, he banked on a complete alignment, even if several regular playing despite injuries. Yuniesky Gurriel was used as a designated hitter despite a breakdown. The batting champion of the Can-Am League collected a hit in four appearances.

Meanwhile, in Trois-Rivières, the Eagles have won 2-1 against the Rockland Boulders leading their semifinal 1-0. The pitcher Luis Munoz dominated on the mound, yielding only a point on one hit in eight innings. Match 2 today at Stade Fernand-Bédard, attended by 2764 spectators for the first playoff game in the history of the Eagles.

This series between the Capitals and Jackals is not a first for reliever Shaun Ellis. He lived the experience in 2011, but the other side of the field. He has not forgotten the final where New Jersey had lost in seven games.

“I do not need that motivates me more, I’m very excited to play against my old team,” said the right-wing of the Quebec enclosure about this appointment become almost annual in recent seasons. This is the fifth face-to-face between the two teams, Quebec having won the previous four, including three in the final.

“I had not played against the Capitals in 2011. In my last start of the calendar, I had suffered a stress fracture in the arm that ended my season. The Jackals had used a reliever in my place, but he had not the experience to be comfortable in front of such a large and enthusiastic crowd that had been seen in Quebec. ”

Ellis, who presented a listing of 3-4 and an ERA of 2.71 in 38 trips to the mound in 2015, already saw at that time that his future teammates could play in the heads of their rivals New Jersey. “I do not know about the players, but perhaps this was more the case for the manager. I think he was a little afraid Capitals “he felt about Joe Calfapietra, who heads the Jackals for 13 seasons and is seeking a fifth consecutive presence in the final.

If Ellis ended up with the Capitals, it’s because of the atmosphere that prevailed at Municipal Stadium during his visits and camaraderie that emanated from the opposing clan when he played against them. “I look forward to enjoy the atmosphere of the series at Municipal Stadium,” he said a few hours before the first match.

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