Quebec: a teenager exploited by her mother

palais-justice-quebec(Quebec) Temiscouata A mother forced her 16 year old daughter to leave school to work. Worse, it has appropriated the salary of his teenage three years, robbing him well over $ 42,000.

The sad story lasted until the fall of 2013 in a village in Témiscouata. The mother now aged 39 years, we do not identify to protect the identity of her daughter, was first forced his teen 16 years to leave school before you even finish high school, to work full time and so bring in revenue at home.

According to the evidence presented by the Crown Prosecutor Mr. Annie Landreville, mother cashed them directly paid his daughter, employee of a convenience store. It is also appropriate a Commission check for health and safety at work. In addition, she forced her daughter to sign a car purchase contract and was the only one to use the vehicle for one year.

In total, the financial losses of the girl stood at nearly $ 50,000, including $ 42,000 in salary.

Today, the victim is left without a high school diploma and with several money problems. “She lost confidence and much feared the reaction of her mother and her stepfather since she complained,” said the Crown prosecutor during the sentencing submissions.

A report made to enlighten the court highlighted the fact that the mother, a woman with no criminal record, had prioritized his love life at the expense of his daughter. The lure of easy gain and a lack of empathy for his offspring seem to be the only explanation, wrote the probation officer, in addition to the negative influence of the spouse.

The lawyer of the mother, Mr. Pierre Gagnon, agreed that it was a breach of trust as we rarely see. “There is a small check mark more in the breach of trust that this is not the employer who is a victim, is its blood is its flesh is her daughter,” agreed the lawyer.

The mother chose to plead guilty to the theft charge.


Martin Gagnon judge of the Court of Quebec to Rivière-du-Loup stressed that “the financial exploitation of a parent towards his child is a rare phenomenon. This is the opposite usually happens. ”

The mother, who also has a son, committed a serious crime, punishable by a maximum sentence of 10 years, said the judge. “Instead of protecting her daughter, the mother has abused his privileged position to improve their lot,” says the judge.

Gagnon The judge sentenced the mother to a sentence of 20 months to be served in the community, ranking as the arguments of the defense. The Crown, for its part demanded a sentence of 12-15 months imprisonment.

The mother will be under house arrest during the first half of his sentence and will have to observe a curfew thereafter.

Judge Gagnon added, however, the requirement for the mother to perform 120 hours of community service.

The mother will also be on probation for two years after his sentence, and it will be prohibited “to harass, harass, annoy, molest or watch” his daughter.

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