Sharon Stone: Stripped Bare

sharon-stone(Quebec) At 57, Sharon Stone strips off in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to showing her perfect body (it would all look like that at his age!), The actress says about his health problems, his career and his loves.

In 2001, Stone had an aneurysm and brain hemorrhage. She left the hospital limping and unable to read. In the years that followed, her marriage to journalist Phil Bronstein collapsed and she lost custody of their adopted son. Stone, who will play in the emission Agent X presented at the DTT channel, was relieved of all these little by little tests. “I became more emotionally intelligent. […] Now, I happen to be abrasive with others. It scares people, but I think it’s not my problem [laughs]. I have brain damage, so do with it. “In terms of its appearance, is Stone defects. “I am aware that my buttocks were like a bunch of pancakes,” she says. Uh sorry, but it is not everything you see in the pictures! Alterations or false modesty? Anyway, the one that was the fantasy of every man at the exit of the film Basic Instinct in 1992 claims not to be dredged. She concluded the interview by launching a message: “If there is an adult somewhere that would like to ask me out, call the Harper’s Bazaar.” The phone will ring-he?

Celine, Britney and JLO: v iva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is increasingly popular for established artists. While Celine Dion is about to go up on stage at Caesars Palace on August 27, Britney Spears wonders if she will continue its contract with the Planet Hollywood casino. It shows there since December 2013 Piece of Me his show, which would have brought in more than $ 42 million in ticket sales. His contract ends in December 2015 and the pop star 33 years hesitate to renew it. “I have not made my decision, she said. I love doing this show. I have lots and lots of fun, but I’m torn now. I do not know at all what I’ll do. “While Britney hesitate, Jennifer Lopez is eager to make its debut on January 20 also at the Planet Hollywood casino. “I think I’m prepared me for this my whole life, said the singer of 46 years. I can not wait to go to Vegas and present the show that I always wanted. “Lopez argues that the concert will consolidate its Latin sides, fun and hip-hop. “A show that people, whether they are fans of my music or not, come to see and love. That’s my goal. “Lopez, who would always be in a relationship with Casper Smart is preparing the 15th and final season of American Idol.

Joni Mitchell: great composer

Rolling Stone magazine has listed the 100 best songwriters of all time. The Canadian Joni Mitchell, who is currently recovering from a ruptured aneurysm suffered in March, ends up in ninth place. Rolling Stone underlines “the confrontational privacy and raw nature” of his works. Canadians Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Robbie Robertson of The Band also included the winners in 16th respectively 17th and 45th positions. Who other than Bob Dylan could dominate this list? “Nobody had put the bar as high and had greater impact,” the team wrote Rolling Stone. The beloved people of Quebec, Paul McCartney, while just behind. Rolling Stone Sir Paul calls “the greatest pop melody.” No offense to Yoko Ono (who has already said that within the Beatles, McCartney was only booked recording studios …), John Lennon comes after him in third. Chuck Berry, Smokey Robinson, the duo of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Carole King, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon completed the top 10. To read the entire article:

Kate Middleton dethroned

Known for his great sense of fashion and elegance, Duchess of Cambridge (photo) has been dethroned as Queen of style. The British magazine Hello! Surveyed its readers to determine who was the best dressed royal personality. Kate won the competition more times, but she finds this year ranked third, behind the Princess Mary of Denmark and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Mary of Denmark, who is married to Prince Frederick since 2004, regularly appears in the Top best dressed of Vanity Fair. As for the Queen Maxima, she likes the flamboyant outfits, which contrasts sharply with the sober clothes from Kate. Speaking of Kate, she surprised everyone last weekend when she sent her sister Pippa for him to accompany Prince William at a wedding. A last minute difficulty would explain his absence, since his name was on the seating plan. The rumor mill was soon packed as the prince and Pippa seemed to really have fun together …


> The Republican candidate for the US presidency, Donald Trump, continues to make friends. He said he believes the supermodel Heidi Klum was not a 10 (notes referring to his physical). Klum replied with humor in a video: But tell me, what do you physically Trump?

> Tensions prevail in the former pair Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Overviews Disney World with their children to celebrate the 43 years of Ben Affleck and Garner had no interaction. Sure being unfaithful with the babysitter was not perhaps the idea of the century, is not it Ben?

> Dead stabbing, Morgan Freeman granddaughter was killed by her boyfriend. Under the influence of cocaine, it would have stabbed E’Dena Hines, 33, during an exorcism. A sad story.

In figures: $ 25 million
The wait was worth it. After 16 years away from the music scene, the rapper Dr. Dre has piqued the curiosity of his fans with his latest disc Compton. Available exclusively on Apple Music to its release, the album was listened 25 million times and purchased by half a million people. Dr. Dre has however failed to declassify the new CD of country singer Luke Bryan leads the Billboard charts. Dr. Dre also suffers in comparison with other rap albums releases this year. The latest installment of Drake was listened 48 million times in its first week of release and that of Kendrick Lamar, 39 million times. Both albums were published on Spotify, which has 20 million subscribers, while Apple Music does come to 11 million.

In the mirror

Want you declare death while you are still alive? Inrocks remind us that in 1969, rumors that Paul McCartney left believing (photo) died in 1966 in a car accident and had been replaced by a double. In an interview with Life magazine published a few months later, McCartney assures that he is alive, but he spends more time with his family. Years later, wanting to laugh at the anecdote, bassist be known as his album Paul Is Live.

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