Quebec City continued for a poorly plowed stairs

ville-quebec-ne-pas-assuree(Quebec) An Ontario requires $ 325,000 to the City of Québec after breaking his ankle during a visit in the capital last winter, reflecting a nasty fall in a public staircase and poorly plowed located .. . in front of City Hall.

Amanda Brand, 33, was injured by taking part in a treasure hunt in the streets of Old Quebec, February 14, at 11am.

According to the facts alleged in a lawsuit filed in Superior Court last week, the resident of Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto, crossed on foot instead of the Hotel de Ville as part of its business. After the public park, whose maintenance is provided by the City of Quebec, “Mrs. Brand had no other choice but to borrow a covered stairway of compacted snow,” says the originating motion obtained by The Sun.

As she descended the “cautiously” steps clinging “two hands” safety ramp, his left foot slipped and got stuck in the snow at the bottom of the stairs. “His body [unbalanced], however, continued to advance, causing a fracture of his ankle.”

The Ontarian was transported by ambulance to the Hospital of the Child Jesus, where she underwent reconstructive surgery. Installing several screws and metal plates were needed to help the healing of his broken.

The thirty-left Quebec in the next plane back to Richmond Hill. “The flight was very painful.”

Ms. Brand prosecutors say it was the responsibility of the City, owner of the stairs to properly maintain its facilities and ensure they are safe.

“The City of Québec does not ensure the maintenance of the stairs […] has allowed a dangerous situation without intervening […] took no action to avoid an accident [… ] failed to assign sufficient resources and personnel to maintain [the stairs], “accuses the prosecution.

The lawyers added that since “the place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville is a place visited by many citizens and tourists who are not familiar with the surroundings,” the municipality should have been especially vigilant.

Amanda Brand now demanding $ 325,000 to the City of Quebec for all the harm, both physical, moral and aesthetic.

She says always feel residual pain related to the fracture, which limits its activities. “She can not stand for long periods of time and must avoid using the stairs. She can not wear high heels at work since this type of footwear puts too much pressure on his ankle. Before the accident, she was wearing high heels almost every day. ”

Mrs. Brand argues that his work productivity fell and had to and must still be absent for medical appointments.

She also claims that she can not participate fully in a training program it had started to settle overweight problem.

Damages are claimed for all medical interventions and treatments that have been required since the day of his injury.

Quebec City did not comment on the lawsuit, but confirmed to the Sun that the park should normally be plowed during the winter.

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