Quebec does not imitate Ontario for in vitro fertilization

gouvernement-couillard-prevoit-mettre-place(Quebec) The Future Coalition Québec (CAQ) wants Quebeckers are entitled, like Ontario women, a first in vitro fertilization cycle paid for by the public system. A proposal rejected by the Minister of Health, Gaetan Barrette.

The CAQ filed Wednesday in committee an amendment to Bill 20 to maintain the financing of a treatment cycle. The PQ, which is said in favor of this proposal, and notably pleaded CAQ have the effect of assisted reproduction on the birth rate must be increased in Quebec. They also made reference to Ontario, which has adopted a policy in this sense.

“Ontario has not Quebec debt. They have additional margins that we have not. And our responsibility as a government is to make decisions based on these settings there. There are choice of a budgetary nature to do. And that’s what we do, “replied the minister Barrette, who estimates that $ 47 million savings the government will do by eliminating much of the gratuity of assisted reproduction programs, which cost $ 70 million 2013.

Tax Credits

The government plans Couillard instead implement tax credits to help couples with the costs of in vitro fertilization (one cycle could cost around $ 10,000). Those earning less than $ 50,000 would be reimbursed 80% of the costs of the intervention. Quebecers who receive higher incomes could receive a maximum of 20% of salary.

In the argument of the opposition members wanting the birth of babies in vitro has an economic value for Québec, the Minister of Health responded that Asian immigration in the Pinière, for example, has an economic effect ” very positive. ” “But I understand they do not see that, given their option to [PQ], which is more ethnocentric,” dropped the Minister Barrette before being called to order.

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