Quebec extends a helping hand to the syrian refugees

photo-famille-syrienne-vient-arriverThe government of Québec wishes to host 2450 syrian refugees more than the 1200 already planned for this year, announced minister of Immigration, Kathleen Weil. It has also urged the federal government to collaborate with the province to expedite the processing of applications.

Ms. Weil has made the announcement of this plan in conjunction with the international Relations minister Christine St-Pierre on Monday morning.

In total, Quebec account and accommodate 3650 syrian refugees in 2015. Already in 2014, the province received 60% of syrian refugees accepted in Canada.

Ms. Weil has described this goal will be ambitious. She will be able to count this year on a budget of 29 million that will finance the services offered to refugees, such as the support to the housing, francization, employment assistance, or services of education and health.

To do this, Québec will, however, absolutely need the cooperation of the federal government in order to accelerate and simplify the application process for refugees.

Michel Guibert, an official at the Immigration department, estimates that nearly 1,000 applications for sponsorship in Quebec, covering approximately 2000 Syrians are still waiting for Ottawa to grant them refugee status.

Ms. Weil has stated that the minister of Immigration of Canada, Chris Alexander, has been informed of the objectives of the province. For the time being, 650 syrian refugees have been accepted in Quebec since the beginning of the year.

Quebec also requires measures of administrative relief for the years to come for sponsorship.

“The urgency now is that the federal government work with us, we are able to contribute,” said the minister Weil.

Quebec, for example, wants to send to Lebanon officials to examine applications more rapidly refugee sponsored, which requires the agreement of the federal government.

The government is also proposing at the federal level identify parts of europe where there is a high concentration of migrants, in order to bring them by plane back to Quebec.

“The records of these people could be treated on-site by virtue of the powers of the minister [provincial] issue of CSQ [certificate of selection of Quebec] on humanitarian grounds,” added Ms. Weil.

Finally, Quebec also calls on Ottawa to increase the number of refugees supported by the State, or 650 of more than 400 planned, but, if the federal government accepted, this measure would not be implemented before next year.

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