Quebec goes to her best summer tourism since the 400th

debut-ete-office-tourisme-quebec(Quebec) If the trend continues, the Quebec City region could record its best tourism performance for the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the City in 2008.

On the phone, the playful tone of the Director of the Office of Tourism Quebec reflects the other excellent results in June. “When you look at the overall index of goodwill, we will surely do better than last year,” says André Roy. That’s an understatement, it must be added.

For June, the overall index or composite, including the rate of hotel occupancy and attendance at restaurants, shops and sites and attractions, was up 7.5% compared to 2015. For the first six months of the year, the increase was 6.5%.

All indices, attendance in restaurants that experienced the largest increase with 9.3%. The hotel occupancy rate, popular able to gauge the tourism performance, was up 7%.

What many had predicted is on track to achieve not only the weak Canadian dollar encourages the arrival of American tourists, but Quebecers have decided to visit the province with Quebec vying head. “It just confirms everything we had said a few months. It also corresponds to a CAA survey in which Quebecers claimed that the Quebec region was the first destination this year, “says Mr. Roy.

“We have invested 60% of our marketing budget in the United States. Let’s reports, he added. People are going to click everywhere. We may be good, it must be asked what makes a French or an American comes to us rather than go to Dubai or London. ”

In this regard, the favorable exchange rate does not explain everything. The director claims that the event offers varied and spread out all over the summer is a major asset.

“For example, we are lucky to have the presentation of the Summer Festival just before the construction holiday, it helps. Then come other popular activities such as the Festival of New France and Beerfest, “he gives as an example.

The success of the region, which includes the MRC of Portneuf, Jacques-Cartier, Côte-de-Beaupré and Île d’Orléans, also based on the addition of new attractions, no matter the reputation already established. “Certainly people do not tan walk in Old Quebec and the quality of our food is unconventional, but we must continue to work on developing our offer. People constantly seek novelty. This year we have the chance to benefit from the opening of the National Museum of Fine Arts, “he illustrates.

The June figures thus confirm the trend that began early in the year. Balm, considering that 2015 recorded a slight increase of its overall index of 0.8% compared to 2014.

A comparative index derived from data provided by the hotel chains leaves undivided first place in Quebec for the rising number of rooms sold from January to May Thus, Quebec saw a 5.6% increase in its number of rooms sold, while it was 1.8% in Montreal and 1.1% on average in the major Canadian cities. This increase is 2.1% for all of Quebec.

“If the trend continues, it could save our best performance since 2008. At least desired. We must not even when to expect such high increases in July and August, which are already two months the busiest of the year, “says Roy.

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