Quebec has had a turbulent judicial year

guy-turcotteThe judicial year 2015 in Quebec was marked by turnarounds as in Guy Turcotte case, but also by the personalities trial outcome such as singer Claude Dubois, hockey player Guy Lafleur and the former representative of the Queen in Quebec, Lise Thibault.

The second trial of former cardiologist Guy Turcotte was completed in December radically different from that verdict rendered in the first.

The man was convicted of unpremeditated murder of her young children, Olivier and Anne-Sophie. After the first trial in 2011, the jury had instead found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, which had triggered a wave of protests from angry population. This defense did not work at his second trial, and the man received a sentence of life imprisonment.

Other major turnaround in 2015: a stay of proceedings in October against five men associated with the Sherbrooke chapter of the Hells Angels.

Charged with murder and conspiracy to murder, they were arrested as part of the mega SharQc police operation in 2009. In the judgment, the prosecution was severely censured by the judge who ordered the stay of proceedings because of ” serious abuse of process “, whose” late disclosure of evidence “and their removal for years.

Terrorism has also been the focus of very specific procedures at the Montreal courthouse this year.

Two young Montreal students, Mahdi El Jamali and Sabrine Djermane, pleaded not guilty in April to charges of attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act abroad, possession of an explosive substance a purpose dangerous and committing an act for the benefit or at the direction of a terrorist group. For these crimes, they face life imprisonment.

In June, a major judgment was rendered in the class action tobacco victims: three major Canadian manufacturers of cigarettes were sentenced to pay them more than $ 15 billion in damages because they “have passed their profits before health their customers, “wrote Justice Brian Riordan.

This punch judgment was made after a marathon trial that lasted more than two and a half and 17 years of legal procedures. The judge called the actions of tobacco companies as “particularly reprehensible,” adding that they “must be denounced and punished in the most severe way.” This would be one of the most important actions for damages in the country, a cause that was closely followed around the world. The case was appealed.

Public figures

Personalities from the world of arts, sports and politics also defrayed judicial headlines this year.

Former Lieutenant Governor Lise Thibault was given a prison sentence of 18 months after pleading guilty to charges of fraud and breach of trust. It will also pay $ 300,000 to the governments of Quebec and Canada.

Reports of federal and provincial auditors had determined that it had claimed more than $ 700,000 in unjustified expenses during his reign, including many family parties, trips to the sugar shack and golf outings and ski. In his decision, Judge Carol St-Cyr mentioned the “culture of deception” she maintained, and his lack of remorse. It was the first time in Canada that a former representative of His Majesty took the road to prison. It was only for a few days yet, as it has appealed his sentence.

As for singer Claude Dubois is a sentence of 90 days in jail, which was imposed after he drove drunk while her children were in his car. The judge also imposed a ban on driving for three years.

Mr. Dubois was arrested in Quebec in the summer of 2014 and pleaded guilty. Justice has still been kind to the singer: he will serve his sentence in several stages, for four days a week, Monday through Thursday.

For his part, former player for the Montreal Canadiens Guy Lafleur has lost its case against the Attorney General of Quebec police and the City of Montreal.

He had sued for $ 2.16 million because he felt they had acted improperly in arresting him in 2008, accusing him of perjury in criminal cause of his son Mark, that celui- it can be released. Sentenced in Superior Court, he was later acquitted in court of appeal. The judge dismissed André Wery Mr. Lafleur in his civil suit because he found that there were reasonable grounds to lay charges of contradictory evidence at the site of the former number 10 Habs.

Political side, Senator Patrick Brazeau, who has been in trouble with the law more than once, finally had an absolute discharge for reduced charges of common assault and simple possession of cocaine, for which pleaded guilty. The criminal record of Senator remains blank – at least for now, because there are always other outstanding charges against him. The young senator was expelled from the Conservative caucus in the wake of that case, which originally included a charge of sexual assault.

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