Quebec is considering repurchase taxi permits for rent

ministre-jacques-daoust-pourait-proposer(Quebec) The Minister Jacques Daoust considering the purchase and leasing of Quebec by taxi license in a new fair model for the industry and which UberX could participate. On the last day of consultations on the paid transport on Thursday, the Minister opened with a solution hypothesis to the crisis in the taxi industry. Repeatedly, Mr. Daoust emphasized the importance of being fair to the existing license owners who often had to go into debt to acquire.

“There is no question of being unfair vis-à-vis these people,” the minister said Daoust.

For the first time, Quebec is planning to gradually buy back the licenses that are for sale by owner. These permits could then be rented on an annual basis to those wishing to make the taxi. The revenue would fund the acquisition of permits, says the Minister. The value of permits is estimated at $ 200,000 each.

All permits would not have to be redeemed from the start. It sells hundreds of permits each year on the outstanding 8500, noted Mr. Daoust. The Minister intends to maintain a supply management to ensure the quality and safety of services. There is no question of adding new licenses.

The template is similar to that set up by Teo, Alexandre Taillefer property, which rents allowed current owners to roll its fleet of electric taxis in Montreal.

In a system like this, platforms like that of UberX could regularize their situation by leasing allowed to become industry players like others, argued the minister.

“UberX will always have the right to follow our rules, he said. He will have the right to lease licenses when they become available and use them. But, basically, it is not true that we will continue to say, “You did not need a permit, you are not collected GST and QST. ‘”

Bill in March

The minister’s proposal is likely to be part of a bill that he hopes to file by the end of March. The legislative piece should especially address the issue of penalties for recalcitrant drivers. A revised definition of carpooling could also be included.

PQ spokesperson on transport, Martine Ouellet, again requests the Minister to prevent the illegal transport now. “Uber currently laughs Minister Daoust, she commented. In what other industry do you accept to leave like that illegality persist? ”

Furthermore, the Minister Daoust, who asked Uber to open its books, received some 600 corporate transactions pages. “I understand better what they were like and how much income they players,” noted the minister. It will be for Revenu Québec to seek to recover the amounts that could avoid taxes, he added.

New vehicles seized

Highway controllers have pointed to the way the end of the parliamentary committee on the future of the taxi industry. On Wednesday evening, they carried out three seizures of vehicles belonging to drivers Uber in the area of ​​Pointe-aux-Hare. Far from decreasing, the number of interventions by Stopcheck Quebec has increased since the provincial government has indicated its intention to legalize the transport service of people running a mobile application. In February, 37 offenses were served and many seizures occurred only in Quebec. Since the beginning of March, the account is 16 offenses and 13 seizures in the capital. In the province of Quebec, 489 offenses were reported since February 2015. No application has yet been judged on the merits criminal division.

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