Quebec is far from Greece, says Leitao

on-regarde-depenses-quebec-on(QUEBEC) “There is no comparison between what is happening in Greece and the situation in Quebec,” said Tuesday the Minister of Finance, Carlos Leitao.

On entry to the weekly meeting of the Cabinet, the head of Finance noted that “the Greek situation is extremely special.” The situation illustrates what happens “if we let the debt go, it becomes very high and that the country loses access to capital markets,” said Mr. Leitao.

The situation in Quebec is far from that of Greece. “If we look at the expenses of Québec, we see that they are growing. In Greece, there has been a massive reduction in spending, it is not at all the same situation. Even in Europe, Greece is a special case, Spain and Portugal are not in the same situation, “he stressed.

Loto-Quebec has confidence Leitao

Couillard The government maintains its confidence Gérald Bibeau, head of Loto-Québec despite the diminishing returns of the corporation. At the entrance to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, Finance Minister Carlos Leitao has distanced criticism from MP caquiste François Bonnardel to the place of management of the former Liberal Mandarin.

“I reiterate my confidence in the Loto-Québec management team, including Mr. Bibeau. Loto-Québec yields decline, but profits, the dividend paid to the government, do not decrease. We are still beyond the billion, we would like to be more profitable, but we see that all companies, especially the casinos are down. This is not particular to Loto-Québec, the whole industry, “he stressed.

He also denies reports wanting the Casino de Charlevoix has swallowed $ 92 million. “This casino is profitable, the figure of 92 million is not appropriate. The casino is profitable, we would like it to be more, “he says.

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