Quebec has not done his homework, blame the opposition

saint-jean-alexandreThe PQ MNA for Lac-Saint-Jean in the National Assembly, Alexandre Cloutier, noted that the Quebec government has been unable to deploy concrete measures to conserve forest supplies. He also denounces the lack of economic impact studies as part of the implementation of phase 1 of the Action Plan for the development of the woodland caribou habitat.

As part of a major press conference on Tuesday, Minister Laurent Lessard unveiled the caribou strategy Quebec government putting on hold the Recovery Plan 2013-2023 woodland caribou. It has never been applied because of its impact on the allowable. The plan, prepared by the recovery of woodland caribou team based on the maximum disturbance threshold of 35% of the forest, resulted in the reduction of the allowable three million cubic meters of wood and the loss of 9000 jobs in the main forest regions of Quebec.

The new plan, according to PQ MNA, always carries risks for workers and the economy of forest communities in Quebec.

“The government announces new woodland caribou protection measures without presenting analysis of their implications for the forestry industry and workers. The government announces no action to preserve the forest potential and to find other sources of supply. Given the importance of the issue for the economy of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is deplorable, “said Cloutier MP in a statement issued in late afternoon Wednesday.

Work backwards

According to the MP, the announcement of this first phase contains actions that may fail to mortgage forest possibility that the government had nevertheless committed to maintaining. So the government announced the creation of a protected area in the White Mountains (magnification) at first while afterwards measure the consequences of this decision on the allowable, as he later evaluate the possibility of releasing new sources to offset the drop in supplies.

“The government is working in reverse. It has clearly not done his homework. How is it that the economic impact analysis is not yet completed? What the government has done for two years? The Prime Minister has forgotten its commitment not sacrifice any job in the case of the protection of woodland caribou? “Said the deputy of the Parti Quebecois.

Reactions to the announcement of the Government’s woodland caribou protection are mixed. Some groups welcome the measures announced as the Wilderness Society and the Quebec parks, the Council of the Quebec Forest Industry Council (CIFQ), while others have serious reservations, including Resolved, the union and the Unifor opposition parties.

Expect to strong reactions of the unions of forestry workers and factories Lac-Saint-Jean.

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