Quebec ready for its refugees

ottawa-pu-preciser-mardi-quelle(Quebec) Although things seem to be accelerating on the Ottawa side, it is still impossible to say when and how come the hundreds of Syrian refugees that Quebec wants to host. However, the organizations say they are ready when 10 000 of 25 000 refugees expected in Canada by the end of the year have been “registered”.

“We are still waiting for a” formal “accuracy in the number of refugees to their arrival and how they will come”, said Tuesday the director of the multiethnic center of Quebec, Dominique Lachance.

In September, the mayor of Quebec City, Regis Labeaume, and various organizations including the multiethnic center, said they could accommodate 125 to 200 families, or 500 to 800 refugees.

Ms. Lachance sees through against a good eye in Ottawa Monday the creation of a special committee of nine ministers who met for the first time Tuesday. “We have an inventory of nearly 10,000 people already registered”, specified the Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum, after the meeting.

“If this can help to make informed decisions and especially to accelerate the process, so much the better,” said Ms. Lachance.

Minister McCallum has already announced that Canadian military bases could be put to use to host the Syrians, as was done in 1999 with some 5,000 Kosovars disembarked in Canada. “The arrival into military bases also seems the most plausible temporary solution and certainly the most facilitative, creating a buffer zone allowing us to make efficient and methodical work. Obviously for us, Valcartier would be ideal, “said the director of the multiethnic center.

HLM Places

In terms of housing, the executive director of the Municipal Housing Quebec (OMHQ), Claude Foster, also said loan Tuesday. “We’re waiting. There are no announced money, but in the morning when it will be and we will be in a special program, we are ready. ”

Mr. Foster assures that the region can absorb new entrants. Which, he cautions, do not take the place of people already waiting for a place in a low-income housing (HLM). The current lists, he says, are for housing in one room while those refugee families require two or more rooms.

Many private owners have also shown interest in helping continued Mr. Foster.

In September, Labeaume administration has estimated the transaction at $ 3.8 million in state and federal funds for 500 refugees and $ 5.2 million for 800. The “net cost” to the City is “between 180,000 $ and $ 260,000 “for a year. An amount that could be covered by government programs.

In an interview with Sun Monday, the new Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos, also placed the number 125 as the “minimum bar” Home for the region of Quebec. A number that “seems realistic” in the eyes of Dominique Lachance. “But we are wary of multiple hypotheses that are currently circulating,” she nevertheless qualified in an email to the Sun.

Ottawa accelerates

The Ottawa side, Minister McCallum could not say Tuesday what date the first Syrian refugees could set foot on Canadian soil, nor how much could quantify the cost of this huge humanitarian operation.

This includes addressing the selection of refugees and security checks while organizing transport and accommodation.

According to Minister McCallum, Syrian refugees who will take the way Canada should come from camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

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