Quebec ready to welcome more than 9,000 refugees by the end of 2016

pierre-moreau-micro(Quebec) The government Couillard said he was ready Wednesday to host more than 9,000 Syrian refugees in Quebec by the end of 2016.

The Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil and his colleague at Public Safety, Pierre Moreau, confirmed that Quebec will host 3650 refugees in 2015, 3650 and others in 2016.

To this number could be added approximately 2,000 additional Syrian refugees if the Trudeau government requests it to honor his election promise. If this scenario materializes, more than 9300 people arrive in Quebec by the end of next year.

“We are prepared logistically,” Mr. Moreau said.

“The government has always said, if they want us to do more, that contributes to a higher level, one is able, provided the money is waiting for you,” added Ms. Weil.

Quebec has budgeted $ 29 million to host Syrian refugees in 2015 and expects to spend a similar amount in 2016.

Additional funds will be needed for the reception of some 2,000 additional refugees. Quebec is in talks with Ottawa in this regard.

Security clearances and medical examinations of refugees will take place outside of Canada. When newcomers will land in the country, they will be routed to a welcome center.

Sponsored refugees will then be directed to organizations that receive them. As for those who are supported by the state, they will be directed to their host community. Some will stay in the Base Valcartier near Quebec, until we find them a host community.

We welcome prioritize sponsored refugees to accelerate their integration into Quebec society.

Québec will coordinate the reception of refugees with 13 cities.

The caucus chair of the large cities of the Union of Quebec Municipalities, Caroline St-Hilaire, ensures that its members are ready to put their shoulder to the wheel.

“We had figures of all kinds circulating said Ms. St-Hilaire, who is mayor of Longueuil. And most cities, I would say, were ready to do more. There was a burst of generosity, from Sunday, which was manifested. ”

Raising money

The Canadian Red Cross has launched a special fundraising for Syrian refugees. The organization calls Quebecers who wish to help the newcomers to donate money rather than good.

Tuesday, the Trudeau government announced the postponement at the end févrie r the deadline for hosting 25,000 Syrian refugees.

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