Quebec’s new single series in the world

grace-leurs-moteurs-bicylindres-suralimentesYou have on one side the AutoQuad, a new type of vehicle that is gaining in popularity; on the other, rallycross, a motor sport discipline that has the wind in its sails. And if you marry the two? The idea seems obvious, but it is here in Quebec that will come the first rallycross championship in AutoQuad.

Send “side by side” on a rallycross track well have been devised last year by the director of the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix, Dominic Fugère, it was mainly for him to fill the second program GP3R weekend, dedicated to rallycross. However, the proponent had told us in an interview that he wanted to create a series of rallycross in AutoQuad. The suggestion did not remain a dead letter: the next spring that will launch the new Canadian Championship in rallycross AutoQuad.

Road course driver converted to AutoQuad – in 2014 he won the 12 Hours of La Tuque – David Ivichek is the one who grabbed the ball on the rebound after his participation in the event of Trois-Rivières Grand Prix. The new promoter does not hide his ambitions: “It may make you jealous, but we worked very hard to get to run the series for 2016, he explained. I want to not only get to deliver a product that does not yet exist in Canada, but also make the most dynamic series in the country. “And why not possibly North America.

Mr. Ivichek is confident, but remains humble and lucid. It is also the first surprise successes of the company he leads the rally with veteran Thierry Ménégoz. “Having spent 25 years looking for sponsorship in motor racing, I never came to a meeting where the investor was sold in advance, I have never seen it,” he confessed.

Send their machines on rallycross circuits seems indeed great interest to manufacturers autoquads. “I already have a favorable response from some builders, Mr. Ivichek said. Some have already developed to offer a scholarship program that would be more attractive to North America for races AutoQuad of all categories. “Nothing is signed yet, but it proposes to give $ 3,000 to the winner of each running, and bonuses are also planned for the other two podium positions. With six races in the calendar, a particularly powerful driver can thus think of repaying a beautiful part of its expenses.

Exemplary synergy

With its unique format makes spectacular playoff runs of very short duration, rallycross is one of the few forms of motorsport that appeal to youth. Thus, as far AutoQuad is required with an older clientele, associate in rallycross could expand the user base – at least that is the desire of manufacturers. And that is not counting on the marked parts manufacturers and distributors interest and accessories, who see the market autoquads a gold mine – according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, over 80% of buyers believe AutoQuad customize their short-term vehicle. “There is a synergy in the industry that makes everything is ripe,” says David Ivichek.

Technically, autoquads, heavier, are also better suited to rallycross tracks as impressive jumps motocross tracks. “We can change the machines they manage to overcome such obstacles, but the required investments are too high, said David Ivichek. Under these conditions, only a quarter of autoquads managed to cross the finish line, and 80% of dropouts are caused by mechanical failure. It’s not a win environment for manufacturers. ”

That is one more argument to roll rallycross, especially autoquads that have reached a certain technological maturity. “Until recently, builders equipped the ATV parts autoquads, which was not adequate in relation to the greater inertia of the vehicle, said Mr. Ivichek. As the market grows, the parts are now better adapted to the AutoQuad. And, thanks to turbocharged engines, the power was increased by nearly 50%. In short, the timing is very good for rallycross. ”


CCAR in brief
> Sanctioned by the FIA ​​Autosport and Quebec

> Uses the same rules as car series FIA World and Global Rallycross Rallycross

Six events are planned in 2016

> May 27: Empire Super Sprints (Autodrome Granby – clay)

> July 8 to 10: Grand Prix ICAR (asphalt)

> 16-17 July: X-Fest (Mecaglisse – asphalt and gravel)

> August 6-7: Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières (asphalt and dirt)

> August 13 or 20: MIRA race (Autodrome Granby – clay)

> Date tbc: RPM Speedway (dirt)

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