Quebec saw its first heat wave of the year

selon-andre-cantin-meteorologue-environnementThe heat wave was indeed installed in Quebec, since it has been three consecutive days as temperatures are well above seasonal norms.

Heat warnings from Environment Canada were still in effect Wednesday for southwestern Quebec, with temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius, especially for areas of Montreal, the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Outaouais.

The humidex is around 40 of these areas.

Environment Canada also points out that this heat makes vulnerable people at risk, including young children, the elderly and the homeless. Must therefore be provided with access to an air-conditioned and well hydrated.

As soon arrived soon distributed: on Thursday, temperatures will return to normal, or around 25 degrees Celsius.

According to André Cantin, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, the hot air will withdraw gradually in the day Thursday, due to the arrival of a cold front from the west that will sweep the southwest of the province. The humidity and temperatures will drop.

It rhymes with high humidity instability; low risk of rain and severe thunderstorms are expected, according to Mr. Cantin.

Some severe thunderstorms have hit various parts of the province on Tuesday night, especially in the Vallée-du-Richelieu. Hail accumulations have even been reported in the Gaspé. This kind of highly localized event may be experienced by some areas during the day Wednesday, added André Cantin.

For now, no heat record has been established. However, the Outaouais region could reach record temperatures in the day Wednesday, according to Mr. Cantin.

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