Quebec wants more electric vehicles

quebec-veut-voir-plus-7000A common goal to promote the use of electric cars, the environmental group Équiterre and the Québec government invite citizens to come and try and adopt electric cars.

The “Rendezvous connected” is first held in Magog September 12 and then will travel to Lévis 19, in the morning, 19 in Victoriaville, in the afternoon and in the Rivière-des-Prairies, in Montreal, September 23.

Two ministers, Pierre Arcand, Energy and Natural Resources, and David Heurtel, Sustainable Development and Environment, held a press conference in the company’s senior director of Équiterre, Steven Guilbeault, Friday in Montreal, to make the announcement. Québec announced the same breath contribution of $ 90,000 to these Appointment connected.

Quebec wants to see more electric cars on the roads. At present, 7,000 of these vehicles on Quebec roads, said Minister Arcand.

“There has always been a safety criterion: people are afraid to move and do not have the necessary terminals. But previously was on the electrical terminals 40; we will have in the 20; one has in the Quebec region; was in Montreal for more, in the suburbs of Montreal. So that element begins to be more positive, “argued the Minister of Energy.

Mr. Guilbeault, of Équiterre, said that there were currently more than 400 public terminals in all of Quebec.


As part of the Go trendy, people will be invited to try electric cars and specialists will give explanations or arguments to convince people that this is a relevant purchase, sensible, economic and ecological.

Mr. Guilbeault was keen to dispel some myths about electric cars, notably wanting it to be more expensive than a gasoline vehicle. According to him, in three years, the additional costs for the purchase of electric vehicles are recovered by different economies, notably fuel.

“We can do more and we are doing it. One need only look to Norway – a country that looks like us – where nearly one in eight new vehicle that is sold is an electric vehicle. And Norway is not a well-known sun destination! So if we can do it in Norway, there is no reason why we too we can not increase very, very, very important penetration of those vehicles here too, “pleaded Mr. Guilbeault .

Furthermore, Minister Arcand said his colleague of Transport, Robert Poëti, would file a policy of electrification of transport “in the coming weeks”

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