Quebec wants to address the CPE management fees

ministre-famille-francine-charbonneau-entend(Quebec) Early childhood center management costs (CPE) are too high, says the Minister of Family, Francine Charbonneau. Its funding reform aims to reduce too, learned Stopru.

Questioned by journalists on his reform yesterday Francine Charbonneau has sought to turn the spotlight to the CPE management costs. Administration costs account for 17% of the average budget, the government said. These costs include the salary of the management staff and secretarial and office equipment, among others.

“We must look at why some CPE have over 17% [fee] administration. What is their bureaucracy? “Argued Ms. Charbonneau. She had spoken of 17% for the first time in a parliamentary committee last May.

The Minister had then pointed out that the Commission scolaire de Laval, which she was president from 2002 to 2008, “boasts” of having an administration fee equivalent to 3.5% of its budget. This is about 4% in all school boards, according to their federation, which claims to show the lowest rates of public and parapublic network.

Grant downward

Québec intends to revise downward the grant used to cover administrative expenses as part of its reform of the financing of care. The reform modifies all the envelopes, and not only on “direct services” and used to pay the teachers.

According to figures presented by the Ministry of Family Associations of CPE and subsidized private day care, the administrative costs of CPE represent on average $ 2,441 per year per site.

The government has calculated that these costs are $ 2,038 in the “Third-performance,” that is to say, childcare services that have lower costs and therefore cost it the cheapest. But it would give less, or 80% of that sum, that is to say, $ 1,638 per year per site. This would be the basic amount paid to both CPE and subsidized private daycare for administrative costs. In the case of a CPE, Quebec would add, however, an amount of $ 36,000 per year because, unlike a private daycare center, it has a board of directors.

CPE 80 places would receive approximately $ 167,000 per year in total. At present, the administrative costs reach just over $ 195,000 on average ($ 2,441 multiplied by 80). There would be a decrease of $ 28,000, or 14%.

Associations of CPE and subsidized private daycares believe that the cuts would be even higher than the announced 120 million because the government is lowering more parameters of the funding. They assess compressions 320 million.

These cuts are in addition to those imposed 74 million this year and $ 100 million in 2014-2015. Of these 174 million, 116 million are recurring cuts, the rest having been dipped into the surpluses of CPE.


The CPE surplus totaled $ 350 million, supported Francine Charbonneau yesterday. This is not entirely fair because 350 million in question represents both the CPE surplus and retained net profits of subsidized private daycares. The surplus CPE revolve around 165-170000000. Note, however, that a six CPE is in deficit, the government said.

The office of the Minister Charbonneau argues that the reform presented to associations is a “hypothesis” that needs to be discussed. He will not comment on the figures published in La Presse. It does not dispute, quite the contrary: “The documents that your colleague has had are working documents that are on the table to understand how it happens in all care,” said Ms. Charbonneau to Parliamentary Journalists.

Associations of CPE and private child care will make a common outlet today. Tomorrow they will return to the discussion table created by the Ministry of Family to present its financing reform. They had stormed a previous meeting, last week.

Sum of cuts the government intends to impose the CPE next year.
Reaction of the Council of the status of women
“We would appeal for caution from potential effects of [the review of funding] on accessibility and the quality of this essential service to Quebecers. […] Child care services are not all built on the same model and do not operate in a homogeneous environment. We must refine the analysis grid and include other criteria for evaluating their performance. The quality of those services to which we entrust our children can not be measured with a simple accounting calculation. The child care is one of the cornerstones of a company which noted that mothers and fathers are employed. ”

– Julie Miville-Dechêne, President of the Council on the Status of Women, in a letter sent to Minister Charbonneau yesterday.

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