Quebecor is looking for partners to bring the Nordiques

construction-centre-videotron-nouvel-amphitheatre(Quebec) confirmed Thursday Quebecor be looking for partners to finance the return of the Nordiques.

While it has often been asked if the Quebec telecommunications giant could afford only an expansion team valued at US $ 500 million ($ 650 million), now the direction of Quebecor announced yesterday “initiate a process” to interest other companies or wealthy individuals to absorb this major investment.

“In order to share our passion for the sport, we will again start a process to interest and attract partners as part of our process for obtaining a professional hockey franchise” , said President and CEO of Quebecor, Pierre Dion.

This announcement, just highlighted, appears after several paragraphs of a press release issued yesterday morning and on the financial results of Quebecor for the second quarter 2015.

“We believe this will generate a fairly high level of interest,” commented Mr. Dion, however, in a conference call.

The company management has said it wants a majority stake in a team, as the Nordics, if returned, would boost its other business segments, such as cable. Quebecor already has links with the National League since its TVA Sports owns the rights to broadcast matches in French until 2026.

Quebecor officially filed July 20 bid for an expansion team. The NHL commissioner Gary Bettman late June launched the “process” to cities interested in finding a new team. Quebecor is the one with the businessman Bill Foley Las Vegas to have filed a case.

Asked about the search for partners by Quebecor, Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume, said yesterday that it was an internal matter of the company.

“It’s none of my business, that’s Corporate Affairs Quebecor. I knew, because they are kind enough to inform me of everything, so I’ll leave Quebecor do his business. ”

Necessary amphitheater

Mayor Régis Labeaume also commented yesterday for the first time the official filing of Quebecor nomination yesterday reiterating how, in his view, have an amphitheater standards NHL was paramount.

“I always say the same thing: this is well and good to want a club in the NHL, it is still necessary to have an amphitheater. So coincidentally, the two organizations that have applied are we, with our amphitheater and Las Vegas that has a construction, “said Mr. Labeaume, released yesterday his vacation time to present the vehicle to a RTC color Opening festivities Videotron Centre (see other article on page 4). “I always said no auditorium, no club.”

Manager amphitheater built with $ 400 million of public funds, Quebecor has paid $ 33 million to the City of Quebec to affix the arena Videotron over the next 25 years. This amount will jump to $ 63.5 million if ever the Nordiques come back. The company will also pay an annual rent of $ 3.15 million

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