Quebec’s population grew in 2014, but more slowly than before

1er-juillet-2015-population-quebecQuebec’s population continued to grow in 2014, but more slowly than before, and that, because of a higher number of deaths and a slightly lower number of births.

The Institute of Quebec Statistics said Tuesday that the 1st July 2015, Quebec’s population reached 8,260,000 inhabitants.

The population grew by 60,500 people in 2014. This is a growth rate of 7.4 per thousand compared to a growth rate of 11 per thousand, at the summit was reached in 2009.

The ISQ emphasizes that the number of deaths was particularly high because of the flu. Thus, there were 63,000 deaths in 2014, an increase of 2200 compared to 2013. However, during the previous 10 years, there had been an average annual increase of 600 deaths.

The Institute notes that the flu season was unusually early and severe in 2014-2015 and that many deaths were recorded during the month of December.

As for the number of births, it was $ 87,700, a lower level than what was registered during the period 2009 to 2013. The number of births exceeded the then 88,000.

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