Queen’s Park welcomes Justin Trudeau hero

arrivee-queens-park-justin-trudeau(Ottawa) The prime minister appointed Justin Trudeau was welcomed as a hero during his time at Queen’s Park to meet Kathleen Wynne yesterday. This first visit by Mr. Trudeau to a first provincial minister marks a renewal in relations between Ottawa and the provinces, after a decade of tensions under the Harper government.

The premiers have not hampered in recent years to denounce the dysfunctional relationships with them qu’entretenait outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They complained, among other repeated refusal to meet with their federal counterpart and the unilateral adoption of unpopular measures such as reduced health transfers.

Mr. Trudeau sought to distinguish themselves from this approach, promising more cooperation with counterparts. “Mr. Trudeau is open not only to meet with the premiers and aboriginal leaders from Canada, but also to increased collaboration with them, “said a spokesman for Mr. Trudeau, Dan Lauzon.

“It is a commitment that is manifested by its willingness to invite them to the Paris conference in a few weeks, and by this first meeting with Wynne today.”

Anti-conservative campaign

The animosity between Ottawa and the provinces during the reign of Mr. Harper came to a head with the Premier of Ontario. Wynne last year led a public campaign to urge the Conservative leader to meet. Harper finally agreed after receiving several letters from the leader of the most populous province in Canada. Then, during the last election campaign, this rocky relationship has degenerated into a real confrontation, Wynne having openly opposed the re-election of the Conservatives.

It is therefore not surprising that the first visit of Mr. Trudeau a premier has been visited Kathleen Wynne to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. No such meeting is planned with the Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, although a telephone conversation had taken place between the two leaders.

Hero’s welcome

The prime minister appointed Canada was welcomed as a true rock star by tens of activists, ministers and Liberal members who were waiting in front of Queen’s Park. He distributed handshakes and hugs, the first, warm, Kathleen Wynne.

After a meeting behind closed doors for about half an hour, a joint statement said the two Liberal leaders held discussions on the need to invest in infrastructure and expansion of Canadian pension plans. These two cases are very expensive two main workhorses government Wynne.

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