Quiet on the Plains before the storm electro

plaines-abraham-calmes-mercredi-soir(Quebec) It was calm on Wednesday night Plains to 24 hours of the launch of the festivities of Quebec City Summer Festival (QEF) and electro … Full Flex Express Tour storm, especially involving the DJ Skrillex. An evening that will require some safety adjustments.

Departing from tradition, the festival organizers opted this year to launch all electro on the big stage, rather than for a concert featuring francophone artists.

While workers were busy completing the construction of the Plains on Wednesday night, the various rescue teams were meeting to finalize the last details to ensure the safety of festival goers.

Police, fire, ambulance and private security services have all received a final briefing before the start of the decade. And the contract started tonight, while additional staff will be deployed at the Electro FEQ.

The number of paramedics will among others higher, based on the workload of the previous electro evenings. Cases of poisoning or illness are more numerous, had found The Sun last year.

The launch is likely to be very animated, since the good weather will be in the game. If the trend continues, the FEQ can count on the cooperation of Mother Nature until at least Sunday.

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