Race to the Elysee in 2017: 16 months to counter FN

rien-ne-pourra-nous-arreterAt 16 months of the 2017 presidential election, the maneuvers are launched in France, where the left and right to power of the opposition are constraints for urgent questioning after regional elections have placed the extreme right to record levels .

War is now open to the right-wing Republicans (LR) Nicolas Sarkozy, with the announcement of a new team Excluding including number two, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, criticism of the former Head of State (2007 -2012).

In the opposing camp, the socialist government of François Hollande will take “quickly” “new employment measures,” assured detail without a government source. LTU (3.59 million people) is the black point of the president and the main obstacle to his candidacy for a new term.

Its popularity has rebounded after the attacks of November 13 and it benefits from the positive impact of the international agreement on climate change (COP21) achieved this weekend. Faced with the rise of the far right, however, it must expand its electorate and achieve results of its economic reforms, to be the second round of the next presidential election.

On the right, the results of regional halftone Nicolas Sarkozy have weakened before a primary scheduled in 2016. His party came out ahead, but far from the expected tidal wave, with seven regions against five in the Socialist Party (PS) , which limited the damage.

The far-right National Front Training (FN) failed to conquer any area. However, it has consolidated its weight in the political landscape. For this final test before the presidential election, the party garnered a record 6.8 million votes.

“Nothing can stop us,” proclaimed its president, Marine Le Pen, denouncing “the excesses and dangers of a system in agony,” after his defeat in the north-snub face an opponent backed by right left.

“The dynamics of the FN, it is there.” (…) For now, the dam held, but the FN rose continuously in the country and at one point the dam will break, “political analyst Stephane Rozes judge. “It would be an illusion to think that the political parties can do without strategic thinking about the underlying reasons for (its) growth.”

“Old Stalinist idea”

The influential daily Le Monde on Monday urged the country’s leaders to “act before the disaster.”

Nicolas Sarkozy justified the establishment of a “new team” among Republicans by “sake of background and coherence.”

“Thinking that the party is strengthened by purging itself is an old idea Stalinist” replied Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. “Exclusion is never a good response,” added the former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, Sarkozy’s main rival for the primary.

Vice President of the party Republicans, “NKM” as she is nicknamed, had renewed his criticism Sunday night against the strategy of “no, no” (or PS or FN) of the former Head of State and his line to compete at Le Pen’s favorite themes: security, immigration, identity.

“This strategy will bring us into the wall,” also denounced Bruno Le Maire, tenor for the young generation of the party.

Another former head of right-wing government and criticism of Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Pierre Raffarin invited his political family to “work with the government” to “fight together” the FN.

“Politicians of all stripes should be able when necessary to build together,” pleaded Sunday in the same direction the Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, for whom “the danger of the extreme right is not ruled out.”

The “republican front” left-right, which allowed to block regional FN, can be used to present François Hollande as the best bulwark against Marine Le Pen in 2017, does one judge in his camp.

Near the head of state, head of the Socialist MPs, Bruno Le Roux, argued Monday the idea of ​​a “great reformer left party” turned to other sensibilities and civil society to “regenerate” the PS who “no longer want.”

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