Rachel Street: City opts for noisy night work

jai-impression-ca-fait-an(Montreal) Dilemma: the traffic flow and the health of businesses do they supersede sleep Montrealers? This is the stark choice which the City of Montreal says he faced for a site in a commercial street in the heart of a residential area. The city finally decided to carry out noisy night work.

Montreal Ends construction Rachel Street on a stretch of 1.2 km. Originally, this portion of the work was to take place this summer, from mid-June to mid-August. A notice sent to residents stated that the work would take place from 7 to 21h, with the possibility of work on Saturday.

The yard was eventually delayed by two months, so that the work did not begin until mid-August. A new notice sent to residents informed them that the work would take place as scheduled from 7 am to 21h, but that “some operations may require the maintenance work at night.”

And that is precisely what is taking place. On October 16, residents received a new notification that the “work of leveling and paving will take place at night.” This decision, however, resulted in several area residents because of complaints of noise from heavy machinery.

“I feel like it’s been a year since the street is under construction. I do not understand the urgency to do this overnight, “lamented a resident.

The City of Montreal says he was caught in a dilemma. “Making the day of paving would have resulted in the complete closure of Rachel in this sector, causing considerable traffic problems on a very borrowed street in rush hour. Moreover, it would have night restaurateurs and traders Rachel Street. For these reasons, the night work option was chosen. This is an inconvenience for citizens and we agree. Of the two options, the effects were less performing night work, “said Philippe Sabourin, spokesman for Montreal.

Comprehensive Ferrandez

Deploring the duration of the work of Rachel Street, which drags on for three years including the other steps, the Mayor of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, Luc Ferrandez, however, includes the choice of the city center, which handles this work. “This is a project that was much, much, much longer than expected. There was no coordination between the Commission services of electrical and direction of public works, so that the site, instead of last year, lasted three years. I can understand that in the end they said, “OK, how do you piss minimally traders”. And they came to the conclusion night work, and I think it’s a good idea, but I grieves me with the residents of this state of affairs. ”

According to the latest schedule, the shipyard, which was due to end this summer, should ultimately be completed on November 13.

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