Rage: a policeman removed SQ

volant-fourgon-police-route-132A policeman who was working with the Surete du Quebec (SQ) for 24 years, Patrick Delsame, was dismissed in the last few days because of his aggressive behavior with a motorist in September 2011, while in the exercise its functions.

For his actions, the police officer was found guilty of a criminal charge of reckless driving in 2013, and various offenses under the Code of ethics of Quebec police officers.

Driving a police van on Highway 132 in Saint-Lambert, Monteregie, Patrick Delsame, became impatient, closely followed and high speed vehicles before him, undertook dangerous maneuvers before striking the vehicle hit a concrete wall.

The driver, a 17-year-old was injured and his car was destroyed. The police officer then reportedly lashed out and assaulted the driver, but some scenes were seen by witnesses.

In December 2014, an SQ committee recommended that the officer be removed Delsame. The following month, the General Manager of the SQ, Martin Prudhomme, asked the Minister of Public Security at the time, Lise Theriault, approve the dismissal, which she accepted shortly thereafter.

On the way to training

Patrick Delsame worked at the Technical Directorate of Specialized Services in investigation of the SQ. During the incident, he did not meet any appeal; he went to a training session in Montreal.

The Ethics Committee has recognized that Delsame agent suffering from attention deficit disorder that made him vulnerable to impulsivity and rapid mood changes. However, he stressed that the police had taken the unilateral decision to discontinue a medication and to cut another in half.

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