Ratatat at the Metropolis: difficult to match

scene-mike-stroud-evan-mastRatatat has once again built a powerful wall of sound at the Metropolis in a performance to a sold-out, last night, in front of a crowd raring to go in total symbiosis with the duo electro-rock.

During the recall, Ratatat has served two of his greatest success, Gettysburg and Shempi. Of the spectators, the fist in the air, danced in a trance on the music.

If the most recent album of the band, Beautiful, released last July, is not as exciting as the previous four, Ratatat is located in a box to share.

The duo electro-rock new york, consisting of guitarist Mike Stroud and the man-machine Evan Mast creates an all-powerful music with melodies and harmonies that fans of the group know and expect such as an injection drug.

It is the power of the music of Ratatat: creating an expectation that is difficult to support. At home, for example, impossible to stop a tube Ratatat before the end.

Those who have seen the previous shows of the group in Montreal were warned: almost never seen on the faces of Mike Stroud and Evan Mast, who remain in the shade under their long hair.

In the show (more generous and longer than the last time), they hide behind their music, leaving the audience in complete immersion in the sounds, projections, and lasers that go through the floor.

Ratatat has started his show with Pricks of Brightness, from his latest album, as well as Cream on Chrome, also interpreted yesterday evening (which always reminded of what Ratatat account Mike Oldfield from among its pleasures, guilty or fully paid).

Securities dancing that hit the mark, but who do not have the intensity of the first albums by Ratatat, Classics.

The group also explained in the interview, I thought about a lot while writing his latest album. How to remain authentic without hovering?

From another side, to hear again for the umpteenth time Lex and Seventeen Years, yesterday evening, it is concluded that it is impossible to overcome, even to repeat. What titles orgasmic, just like the songs more groovy Mirando and Loud Pipes.

Ratatat is one of those groups pre-indie rock who were able to last with instrumental music that takes guts. The memory of having heard Ratatat for the first time in 2004 is still fresh in our memory. But it is with the album Classics, two years later, the group has built its reputation.

More than 10 years later, yesterday evening in the Metropolis, it was nice to see that the public Ratatat is renewed and rejuvenated, and is no longer mostly made up of geeks of the male sex.

The duo has harnessed the rhythms are hot, even tropical, from his album, Beautiful, registered in the warmth and carefree atmosphere of Jamaica. It has also transformed the Metropolis during Nightclub Amnesia.

It should be remembered that they are only two, that we could barely see their face and the only word that is addressed to the crowd was “thank you”?

Music electro-rock instrumental contemporary Ratatat is of an intensity and a contentment melodic hard to match.

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