Readers: difficult to return home

jeep-libertyQ: I have a 2008 Toyota Yaris sedan with 220,000 km on the clock. I live in the area and my house is at the top of a mountain and I often not be able to go home. In the winter, I will have the opportunity to purchase a 2006 Jeep Liberty with 110,000 km on the clock. Many repairs were made, it was very well maintained and it is equipped with a diesel engine. At $ 7,000, it is a good buy or not? – Marie-Pascale

A: The offer may sound tempting, but we recommend you not to act on it. Better to refer you to a reliable motor vehicle to solve your problem. Among these vehicles, you might consider – on the second hand market – a Mitsubishi Lancer AWD, a Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sportage. If they are fairly recent, you may even benefit from a transfer of collateral.

Q: I shop a new car (2015) and I hesitate between three models: Impreza, Golf and Tiguan. I drive an average of 18 000 km per year. I do twice a week a 100 km country road. Lives in Saguenay, I need a safe car, which made ​​me look for a wheel drive because it can happen to me to ride in difficult winter conditions. The rest of the week, I drive into town over very short distances. The logical choice would be Subaru, but I do not convince me. The comments I read about it are not very exciting when the Golf looks good, but did not AWD. Then I think of the Tiguan, but it is dated. – Amélie Savard

A: The Golf will be offered with all-wheel drive this fall in its declination A. Maybe a little too extreme to your liking. That said, the AWD provides added security, it is true, but properly floor tension may very well suit your needs. Consequently, the Golf is the best choice.

As Honda

Q: My lease ends in November and I hesitate between Volkswagen Cabriolet for rent (I will use all year round), the new Civic will happen in November or Honda CR-Z. I want a monthly payment similar to that of my Honda parts and also in cost similar to that of the Honda. If you have a brand in mind, please let me know, because my 2012 Civic was a disappointment. – Nathalie

A: You are right, the current Civic is not up to the expectations of the specialized press and its customers, despite a precipitous overhaul to correct certain deficiencies in the way. Future Civic which will be officially unveiled Wednesday promises her to be the “most ambitious overhaul the” (dixit Honda) in history. We ask to see. So a little patience. As for the Volkswagen Cabriolet is an option, but the maintenance costs could be higher depending on the configuration chosen (engine and gearbox). As for the CR-Z, better to go for a ride.

Gray areas
Q: I rented a Subaru Forester 2.5 Limited Eye Sight 2016 with option for three years. I did not receive before the end of the month. The sales manager gave me an assurance, called “excessive wear Program,” to have no problem with the rental return for dents, scratches or other worn tires, etc. The price: $ 795 + taxes. My question is: is it worth it or is like an extended warranty, which always pays for nothing. This is my first rent and I do not know the acceptable level of wear when returning a rental car. – Yves Routhier

A: As stated in the Office of the Consumer Protection (OPC), the dealer has “the right to claim expenses if, upon delivery of the car at the end of the lease, the latter has a abnormal wear. This wear is different from wear resulting from normal use of the automobile. ” It lacks a little clarity and the examples provided by the fund, as well. Considering too many gray areas and the rate of bodybuilders, the temptation to recommend you, but not without having negotiated the amount down.

Give yourself a gift
Q: I have a 2007 Audi A3, purchased in September 2006. The car has 67,700 km. It is in good condition and has always been well maintained at the dealership. I have already taken a guarantee carefree which expires on September 29. I am told that for a two-year warranty, it would cost me $ 2,400, what would you recommend? – Sonia Moreau

A: You can keep the car, not the warranty. However, make sure its good maintenance.

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