Real Madrid: Why Toni Kroos will never sign at Barca

toni-kroos-real-madrid-2016-2017See Toni Kroos with the shirt of FC Barcelona is one thing that can not “happen” after the German metronome.

After winning four trophies with Real Madrid since joining the Casa Blanca in 2014 , Toni Kroos certainly did not want to go elsewhere. The grass Santiago6Bernabeu is bright green, just like the record of Zinedine Zidane to head the club merengue (record of 86 points obtained in 33 days of Liga). The 2014 world champion is the serious kind when it comes to discuss his future with the cronies of Cristiano Ronaldo. One could even say that he is faithful.

Toni Kroos, the Real metronome.
“Real Madrid is my club, I have evolved here, I always had positive feedback from my teammates, the fans and the club” , he has supported journalists face the German magazine Kicker. And to ensure the allegiance of a player at Real Madrid, nothing better than the ultimate test . “Sign in Barcelona? There are things that can not happen, I can not imagine me at Barca, c ‘ is a question of respect. ” as reliable in his cross in his words Toni. Discover why Real Madrid played with a PES suit! What do you think of the statements of Toni Kroos?

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