Receiving refugees: Hungary will ask the United Nations global quotas

ministre-affaires-etrangeres-hongrois-peterHungary will propose Wednesday at the UN the introduction of “global quota” for the distribution of refugees, which “should not only be the responsibility of Europe”, said Tuesday the head of the Hungarian diplomacy Peter Szíjjártó at a press conference in New York.

“We will propose an initiative on global quotas, because the issue of migrants is a global challenge that needs a global response,” said Mr Szíjjártó, whose country is criticized for its anti-migrant policies.

“The sources of mass displacement are countries that have become unstable due to international policy decisions. These decisions were not only taken by Europe, and Europe must not only bear the burden of migrants, “he said.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who recently urged European countries to “do more” for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, including Syrians, who flock to Europe, organizing a summit on Wednesday migration crisis. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban should defend its hard line.

“Europe is not ready to accept hundreds of thousands or even millions of economic migrants,” insisted Mr Szíjjártó, who defended Hungarian politics and the construction of barriers along its borders with Serbia and Croatia.

“There is clear European rules which say that Member States should defend the EU’s external borders. Hungary is an external border and this is why we have built a border fence with Serbia, “he insisted.

“Now the issue has moved to Croatia and we must also protect the border,” he continued, while Zagreb has denounced the policy “unacceptable” in Budapest.

“Person is critical but we made suggestion or alternative offers,” commented the head of the Hungarian diplomacy, recalling that other barriers exist in Europe or the United States, on the border with Mexico.

“We do not do this for fun. A state is a state because he knows defend its borders, “he continued, advocating” a joint européeenne police force, soldiers, helicopters, ships, planes “to control the Greek border, door entry of migrants in Europe.

He also said the international community should support the refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, countries that host millions of Syrian refugees displaced by the war.

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