“Records are made to be broken”

ryan-miller(VANCOUVER) In Super Bowl XLII, members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins – who had known then the only perfect season in NFL history – publicly admitted they took to the New York Giants, wishing they break perfect season New England Patriots.

“1972 Dolphins laughed, cheered and carried the toast late Sunday night,” wrote a friend from ESPN, following the victory of Giants.

Tonight, against the Vancouver Canucks, the Canadiens will try to equal the record of 10 straight wins to start a season, shared by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1993 and the Buffalo Sabres in 2006.

Obviously, there is no comparison between a perfect start and a perfect season. 1972 The Dolphins won the Super Bowl, the 2007 Patriots have lost it. The Canadiens, he will remain as far – or as close to the most enthusiastic – a Stanley Cup wins or loses.

But human nature being what it is, one could understand the record holders to keep their brand. They will have 2006 the Sabres the same reflex as the 1972 Dolphins?

“Not really! It’s about us, says with a laugh Daniel Brière, on the line. Records are made to be broken. And I still have many friends in the Canadian. ”

Miller and Price, similarities

With a harvest 95 points, Daniel Briere was a vital cog 2006-2007 Sabres. He had participated in the sequence of 10 victories totaling 12 points, including two goals.

But in his eyes, the spine of his team was in the same place as the Canadian, between the posts.

“What Ryan Miller did, it was very similar to what Carey Price did this year, says the new retiree. He was one of the best goalkeepers in the league. He hid several problems. For a sequence like that, it takes you a guard in his zone. We had the same feeling at the time.

“Every night you make a mistake here and there. When you have a guardian of this caliber, you have the impression not to make a mistake, everything is easy. You give a chance to score, it is canceled by the keeper. ”

Statistics of Carey Price and Ryan Miller during the sequence

Price / Miller

July 7 Matches

September 16 goals allowed

Shots 228,198

Efficiency, 961, 919

Serendipity is the same Miller who should defend the net Canucks tonight. It will therefore be able to protect its own record!

Confidence growing

Any team gains confidence during a winning streak. But when this sequence occurs at the start of the season, when the team still has not even tasted defeat, the snowball effect is amplified.

“The confidence is growing, and you feel that you will not lose the year, says Briere. It is not: are we going to win tonight? That is: by how much one will win? We saw the Canadiens against Buffalo and Toronto, there was no fear in the minds of players they were going to lose. ”

Here, the figures give reason to visibly Brière: 2006 Sabres were improving. After winning their first four games by a single goal, then they would win their next six matches – except one – by three goals or more. Incidentally, the massacres of 9-1 and 6-2, and a 3-0 shutout.

The Canadiens, he is coming off back to back its two best offensive performance of the season, with harvest of seven and five goals, even without disputing his best games. “There are games that you do not deserve, said Briere. In a sequence like that, it takes you. This is what creates the feeling that you’re unbeatable. ”

“It certainly helps for the confidence! Miller adds. It had launched us for the rest of the season. And when things went wrong, we were happy to have been able to build this cushion. ”

Nothing gained

The record, that’s fine. But the Leafs 1993-1994 and 2006-2007 Sabres also share have been eliminated in the association. In five games in both cases.

“We had had a good season, said Briere. But you do not win the Stanley Cup in October. Players and Michel Therrien know. There are still a lot of work. You try to live in the present, do not you think the series or the Cup. You just want to collect points and keep that feeling there. ”

“With such a sequence, when you want to achieve something, you think you can by summed Miller. You do not look too far, but shalt say we have other goals we could do too. This objective does not need to be another sequence of 10 victories. But as a group, you prove you that you can achieve something. ”

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