Recovery of sums stolen: 380 Montreal sent formal notices

mises-demeure-ne-represententThe City of Montreal has sent formal notices to 380 persons or companies to participate in the voluntary repayment plan in place to recover money stolen by years of collusion.

It is today that the voluntary return program established by the Minister of Justice of Québec came into force. Taking advantage of this new program, the city has targeted 380 individuals and companies so that they reimburse the sums stolen during the years of collusion that ruled Montreal.

Those who refuse to participate will continue, warned the metropolis. “Failure to voluntarily repay the amounts due to the City of Montreal, these companies and individuals will continue as soon as the law allows.”

These 380 formal notices represent only a first step. Montreal states that investigations continue and could lead to other claims. “Everyone involved in fraud and fraudulent behavior in connection with contracts for the City of Montreal has an interest in participating in voluntary reimbursement program.”

Remember that this program was established under the Act mainly the recovery of amounts paid unduly as a result of fraud or fraudulent behavior in connection with public contracts.

For the past 20 years

The rebate program covers all public contracts the last 20 years since October 1, 1996. Participants will be required to repay 20% of the amounts received for these contracts. In addition to reimbursement of the overpayment, they will add to the amount repaid a sum of 10% to cover the program’s operating costs.

The program is administered by François Rolland, former Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec. In a press release, it believes that “it is a” win-win “program. It allows the public to be reimbursed the money overpaid in public contracts. This program will also decongest the justice system. Finally, it will give companies the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves while avoiding costly litigation, “according to François Rolland.

The work will be in private and kept confidential. Confessions of collusion can not be received in evidence. Participants will seek to make public their participation.

Montreal is not the first to send such formal notices. This summer, the City of Laval has remained around 200 people and businesses to recover tens of millions.

The voluntary repayment program dates
November 2, 2015> Start program

1 November 2016> Deadline to use the program

November 2, 2017> Deadline to reach a settlement within the framework of the program

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