Recyclers automakers will report to the Office of Consumer Protection

1072820As of Monday, it will be the Office for Consumer Protection (OPC) who will be responsible for issuing licenses and traders recyclers of road vehicles and to send inspectors in the field.

The Association of recyclers of auto parts and truck (ARPAC) estimates that there will be tighter and permit issuances for companies working with so-called vehicle “out of service”.

So far, recyclers “under the control” of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ).

ARPAC reports that it is important to act in a legal and environmentally friendly way while each year in Quebec, nearly 400,000 vehicles simply out of circulation.

Under the law, only recyclers and traders vehicle recyclers can legally buy them at end of life vehicles.

To avoid problems related to the sale of the old vehicle, people should ensure that they receive a receipt or a legal transaction with a merchant certificate to allow plate to get the applicable credit.

Simon Matte, president and CEO of ARPAC, recalls that only recyclers recyclers and traders can issue these official documents. Moreover, he stressed that they ensure good environmental practices for the disposal of old materials and liquids.

ARPAC has 84 members, who make almost 80% of vehicle parts recycling activities in all regions of Quebec.

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